Yesterday, in connecting with a referral, I made two errors. I misread the time we were scheduled to connect and ended up calling about 10 minutes late, and I completely misunderstood who actually connected us, so I misspoke over the phone.

Mistakes like that would have embarrassed me in the past, but that I’ve learned to extend grace to myself.

There are a few things I know for certain every day, and one is that I will make errors and mistakes. I hold myself to a high standard, but I know perfection is never possible.

I move at light speed. I take action at a second’s notice. I move so quickly and accomplish so much.

Sometimes it feels inhuman how much I create, deliver, and accomplish, and I love that about myself.

And it comes with a cost. But I continue to grow, evolve, and look for ways to minimize oversights, mistakes, and errors.

But perfection is impossible, especially when you take massive imperfection action and move before the thought is complete.

But that’s how I create in my life. Conceptualize. Act. Observe. Improve.

The pace is blinding, and I love how quickly things unfold. It lights me on fire.

But I make errors.

And I forgive myself. Because I am still human.

My intentions are pure.

And I give everything each day and leave nothing.

But I know my purpose, what I stand for, and what I’m creating.

So it’s easy to move quickly.

I refuse to live in apathy or live an average life.

We are here to lead, not survive.

Purpose, impact, stewardship, prosperity.

That’s the good stuff.

Where are you playing small, holding yourself back, or underserving yourself, your society, and your family?

Move your ass.


The quality of your leadership determines the quality of your results.

And results matter.

It’s time to create impact, and stop making excuses.

You have a life expectancy of 77 years. Let’s do something with the rest of those years to make a difference.

This will take massive imperfect action. We must first accept ourselves for doing the very best we can and know that there will be plenty to improve upon as we move forward.