When I was 5, my father included me in his Saturday Morning ritual.  We would drive  to his mattress factory, home of the infamous (ok, it was a second tier brand) Restonic Mattress Company in Toronto, Ontario.  Once inside, we would head through the maze of cubicles in the office to the plant.  We would jump on old Bill Hoplock’s scooter (Bill was our mechanic and lost a leg in WWII) and zip around the lower level of the bedding department.  My father, equipped with a pencil behind his ear and a clip board in his hand would scribble down the inventory du jour of raw materials.  If I was well behaved during his tasks, he would reward me with a chocolate bar from the cafeteria when he was done (crispy crunch was my favorite).

Fast forward 45 years, and the more things change the more they still the same.  My father, long since retired is still counting (not raw materials, but mulligans in his golf game in sunny Florida).  I am carrying on the family tradition in a slightly different way.  With Dad at Restonic, I helped customers get a Good Night Sleep.  Now, I help clients Sleep Well At Night.

Arianna Huffington’s book, The Sleep Revolution, hits on a lot of good information about Sleep.  One of my favorite points, is googling ‘why am I….’  on the computer and the first thing that pops up is ‘why am I so tired?’.  Furthermore, when you google ‘sleep’ there are more than 900 million results.  That’s more than hockey (342 Mill.), Tim Hortons (8 mill.), and Don Cherry (93 Mill.).  Now, that is what we Canadian’s call a hat trick!

When a Canadian bed head like me thinks about sleep we start quoting specs (like gauge of coil, density of foam and other nebulous things).  However, having a rock star like Arianna emphasize it’s importance, my hope is that people worldwide can ‘Thrive’ with good health and happiness.  Here is to 2018, Eh?