Give me an opportunity and you will see the dignity in your people, and let me restore their hope back to the life, they dream of. Even though if they don’t see it, I am sure they will feel it and be proud of it.

Those people deserve everything as love, support, encouragement, and show them even everything in this world you needs to be patient, and share your help with your brothers, sisters, friends, and not even your families alone you can work with, there are more people out there. Where you can go and help them too, for they will achieve and be happy.

I am not the greatest, not even the best, but if you come to me, I will help you with whatever am great at, and if I don’t have solved everything. I can tell you as you know, we all have a limit in things, and I am so grateful to see you move forwards for one day things will work really. And you will imagine if give up. So wake up and do a little thing right now.

I wish one day by God’s great, I can do some things, some things that can make the crowd happy.

Sometimes you maybe see how life it’s, have not good feelings and even feel so sad within yourself because the way you saw everything is too much different, you may say I want to help someone, my family, my friends, but when it comes to the real work, you lose it and left it to God.