You know the feeling; you’re on a train, its warm, cramped and the train is running late. It’s OK, you have a book actually, you’re rapidly getting through book as the train is so slow.

Then you start to feel a weight on one side. Cue uncomfortable shuffling as you try to reclaim your space. Comfortable again you a carry on reading and there it is again, weight on your arm and gentle breath on your arm… as the person besides you is reading, not-so-subtly over your shoulder.

This was me….

This was me last month, on a Tube in London. Every time I turned the page I could see the gentleman next to me desperately trying to read the last few words as flipped the page. There was nothing weird or creepy in his action, he was genuinely, as absorbed in my book as I was.

I adore books, the knowledge and the escapism I get from them is like no other experience to me. Books are valuable to me, but on that train I made a decision.

Not the norm….

As I worked my way through the book, a brilliant book by Robin Waite, Business Marketing Secrets (no plug – just loved it!) I took photos of the information nuggets from the pages with my phone. This is not my normal practice; reference books for me are living documents, full of page markers and notes – golden pieces I can come back to again and again.

Not this time, as I pull into my station, I turn the last page. I reached into my bag, placed my business card inside and turned the gentleman. “Take this book”, I said, ” read it well and do something good with the content. Make sure you contact the author too and tell him how you came about the book.”

In the very typical British way he tried to object, “I can’t possibly, it’s your book…”

“I know the value of this book, I want you to pay this forward. Enjoy and good luck.” With that I step off the train, absolutely glowing, feeling extremely righteous and brave. I had spoken to a stranger, on a London Tube, I had given away a book! None of these are small challenges for me.

The joy I felt at the moment I carried with me and still feel it now, it shaped my energy for the day, it lifted my soul. Giving something precious, like a book – pages of business knowledge to someone else filled my heart. One hundred percent worth it.

I could leave the story there, a little tale of giving. Until this morning when I got a message, from a ‘gentleman on a train’. Thanking me for the book, which gave him the courage and knowledge to start a business, teaching children. This business is still in its infancy but I look forward to seeing his business grow and thrive. This reminds me, how our every action has ripple effects, further than we could ever know.

Giving to give changed my life, I know it will change many others also.


  • Lorna Reeves

    Founder & Entrepreneur

    After 15 years working as a CSI and scientist for the Metropolitan Police, Lorna finally decided to hang up her swabs and exchange running the UK's busiest Forensic laboratory for running the UK's Number 1 LGBT+ Wedding Planning Consultancy. Swapping the Mortuary for Marriages! After years of career success and an established profile she starts again, from scratch building her business based on delivering what LGBT+ really want their wedding days to be, outside of tradition and expectation. Lorna works to drive equality; encouraging venues and suppliers to use gender neutral language and normalise same-sex marriage in using LGBT+ couples in their marketing, as well as training staff at all levels about bias. Lorna is vibrant, passionate and classic in her look and manner, think lesbian Mary Poppins, with a Wonder Woman costume on the inside of that frock coat!