From last few months I was interested in taking interview of our general manager. He has a lot of qualities that normally men don’t have at his age. It is very difficult to get good results when you are leading 15000 employees in a company who is just manufacturing “Socks”. So I was interested that how is doing this.

So few days ago I got chance to have chit chat with him. Initially I was thinking that he has strong background, maybe he has done his degrees from some good university. But I was amazed once I have started the interview.

Here below are the questions and answers:

Q.1: Would you like to share something from your childhood?

When I was in 4th grade, I have lost my father. And it was challenging moment for me, because after my father death we don’t have anything to eat and live. But on that day I have made my mind that I will not lose my hope, and will help my family. So I have worked very hard. I used to go different factories at night time to earn some money for my family and for my studies. After a huge struggle now I am in front of you leading an international company.

Q.2: How you will define Success and Failure?

For me both are mandatory part of our life. Both success and failure come from a single source that is called “Creativity”. Success is the process of achieving or accomplishing an aim or an objective, whereas failure is the opposite of success. And moreover failure is the mandatory stone to build or dreams.

Q.3: How much it is difficult to lead 15000 employees?

It is not difficult as it looks. I believe on “Give Respect, Take Respect” philosophy. I never consider myself as superior soul. I always tried my best to help my employees as much as I can.

Q.4: Do you have any regret about your professional life?

Till now personally I don’t have any big regret about my professional life. I am happy with my professional life, and the decision I have made so far for specific reasons, and have led me to develop my career. Like anyone else, I could have done a couple things differently, but I have no real regrets.

Q.5: Any advises for reader?

I will say “Give Up, To Grow Up”. Don’t attached so much to your current position, go out and explore the world and learn as much as you can. Learning is the continuous process. When you stop learning, literally it would end up your life. Learning is the only thing that differentiates human from animals. Moreover human has great privilege to think. I still remember the quote from respected APJ Abdul Kalam regarding learning “Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes you great”.


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