Saying yes feels good. Sure, there are plenty of times when it’s not the best thing to do. Like if your plate is too full. Or if you’re doing it to people please. Or if it’s to something illegal. But when you can say yes and it truly be for you, it feels good.

These are some of the craziest times I have ever lived in. I am absolutely not alone in that. In the spirit of continuing to find silver linings throughout this season of life, I decided that saying YES to a few things that I may not usually do is one of them. And it’s been fun. Yes, I said the word “fun” during 2020. Crazy, I know.

For instance, about two weeks ago, I dyed the ends of my hair pink! I have been a blonde highlight girl for about 20 years now, give or take a few bad decisions. I dyed my hair red once, and it was such a disaster, I vowed to never do it again. I also didn’t color my hair during my first pregnancy. That was probably the worst hair decision of them all. Anyhow, I have never ventured into the colors of the rainbow when it comes to my hair. Until a recent session of Pinterest perusing.

I saw this profile picture of a woman with super blonde hair and magenta ends, and I needed it immediately. Texted my hairdresser, she ordered the product, and walked out with pink hair within the week. I said yes, because why not! And now, my two-year-old, who mind you is the one obsessed with Poppy from Trolls thinks I can do no wrong.

Second on my list is one that is definitely out of my element. Tis the season for all the online “parties”. Nails, cleaning products, books, makeup, clothes. I am usually not one to jump on board of these, but I have fallen in love with a brand of children’s books, attended a few parties, and drum roll please. I decided to host my OWN party. Who am I? I didn’t want to feel like I was “bothering” others by asking them if they would like to join, but the response has been overwhelmingly great! Who knew I had it in me.

Ever have “yes” days with your kids? I highly recommend it. One of my girlfriend’s called it that one day, and it is literally just as you think. Whatever your kiddos want to do that day, you say yes. Now, obviously not to everything. I mean if your kid wants to jump off the second-floor balcony into the foyer, you have to scratch that. But things like having ice cream for breakfast, pillow fight, jumping on mom and dad’s bed, watching movies all day, whatever ideas pop into their little minds. Say yes. It will make for a really fun and hopefully low-stress day.

This bead of life’s message is quick but lovely. Pick something. Anything. Something off the beaten path. Something that’s been at the back of your mind for a while. Something you see on Pinterest. Something that pops into your head this afternoon. And say yes. If I have learned nothing else in 2020, it is that our mindsets and outlooks on life make ALL the difference. And this is a small, but huge way to positively adjust. So, the next time you feel yourself about to say no, don’t. Say yes instead.

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