I often browse through magazines for inspiration or when I feel I need to get out of a creative lull. As I was reading an article about a successful graphic designer and how her interest in design begin at an early age, I started to think about the many stories I’ve heard or read about successful people. And it seems that many successful people have these amazing stories of how they became interested in their creative skill as a child or as they were growing up. Wether it be writing, drawing, photography, crafting, innovating, etc…

But what about those who can’t recall a specific event or time when they were introduced to this amazing skill or that time where they submerged themselves selves in a creative endeavor? Or those of us who struggle with finding our “passion” as it is often called. Look a little closer. We all have an instance, a nudge, something that draws our attention. It could be from when we were growing up or may not be from childhood, nor does the skill or area of interest have to span a long time of passion for it. It could be something that sparked your interest recently; a story you read or heard that resonated with you, or being inspired by a person or their work that you recently came across. It could be a class that you recently took that awoke something inside of you. And it may be that it is something that you’ve always been doing but never thought of as your passion. You may even connect the dot’s back through your life.

Many of us have been conditioned to think that life should follow a certain path or people surrounding us: community, family, etc. sometimes lay out a blueprint and say that this is what life should look like. So we resolve ourselves to that path. But we are all unique individuals with unique paths and we all possess creativity. That creative path may very well be the path that was shown to us but it’s more about the way we live that path, with your own unique touch that makes all the difference. When we speak of creativity, it is not limited to art, design and crafting. Creativity encompasses every aspect of our lives. It is the use of our imagination to make things or introduce new ideas, to solve problems or to express ourselves. So look a little closer and allow yourself to be what you are naturally meant to be, a creative being.

One way to do this is to explore. When you naturally become curious about something or something strikes you as being fun, explore it. You know when you have that feeling of pure enthusiasm for what you are doing at that moment and it just lights you up from the inside? That should give you a clue to what it is you actually like doing, perhaps even your passion. This may not necessarily be something that will be your career or maybe it is. However it manifests in your life it is something that will help bring a bit if enthusiasm and joy in your life and can add that balance that we all seek. Keep in mind you are not limited to one thing, being creative is possible in everything you do. Bring that dimension into your life, you may discover you have many passions and you may also begin to discover that you enjoy everyday moments. Creativity comes alive when one gives oneself permission.

Originally published at creativesensibility.com.

Originally published at medium.com