To give is to receive. You really do receive so much more when you give sincerely from your heart. Be grateful for the opportunity to be able to exercise this important part of you.

There are many opportunities to give every day and most of them are simple to do. Saying good morning to everyone you come in contact with is a good place to start. Eye contact and a sincere smile are real treats to give or receive in this fast paced, head down looking at something kind of world. We need that connection more than ever. Best of all- it’s free! You never know what that simple gift is going to do for someone that day but it will have a positive impact one way or another. Like skipping a stone in a calm body of water; it has a ripple effect.

It is also important to graciously receive whatever or whenever someone is trying to give to you. Remember you are helping them exercise that important side of themselves as well. Saying thank you with that same sincere smile and eye contact will help them to know that their actions are appreciated and doing so will encourage them to continue with those actions. It really is a give and take world and you will find that when you balance the two out artfully, the happier, less stressed and more connected you will be to the world and the people in it.

What have you given lately that has put a smile on the face of someone else?

Originally published at on July 26, 2016.