Giving away

As humans, we have a habit of asking things. We ask questions, we ask food, we ask permissions, we ask for help, we ask for love, and we ask everything that we can. Some say unless you ask for it you don’t get it! Is it true? I don’t think so, and most of us will agree on this. AIR, WATER, EARTH, FIRE all the elements of nature we never asked for but they are still present. We use them regularly without anybody’s permission or acceptance. We take a lot from everyone in some ways but do we give away enough? Giving is an art that can be practiced by everyone. Giving doesn’t involve just materialistic things; you can give love, hope, faith, trust, care and happiness. In return, you will receive more happiness, satisfaction and solace.

Positive vibes and act of kindness are contagious, they spread like wildfire, and you don’t need much effort to be kind and positive. The ability to share and give is one of the best feelings, and only who have free will to give are the blessed ones. As rightly quoted, “No one has ever become poor by giving.” ―Anne Frank

I’m sharing some give aways that you can share with free will to anyone around.

1. Give away Money – Money cannot buy happiness, but yes it can make some people happy. Happiness associated with money can be at different levels. Some are happy by spending on themselves, and some are happy by giving it to others. Not everyone can buy a hospital for people or do some exceptional social service, but yes we can do small things. Buy some snacks while going home and give it to a needy. Give books to poor children, help them gain some education.

Tip: Buy small happiness with small amounts. Example: Chocolates, flowers, clothes, toys etc. and give away to people who are in need.

2. Give away positivity – Everyone faces difficult situations, and it is important to stay positive so that you get good thoughts. Positive thinking helps build an environment where healthy thoughts come up, and you have a chance to make the world a better place. Whenever you find someone in distress or flowing down in negativity, try lifting them with positive thoughts. You never know you may change someone’s life.

Tip: Be positive, stay positive, and share positive thoughts.

3. Give away Time – Time is precious, and everybody knows about it. Spend time wisely just as you spend money. We all are busy in our daily schedules and (we pretend that we don’t have enough time), but this isn’t true at all. Everybody has got 24 hrs in a day, and if utilized wisely, we can take out time for ourselves and others. There are several people in the world who have everything but not enough people around who can sit with them and talk for a while. Giving time to someone in need can bring joy to them and you as well.

Tip: Try talking to new people and have a conversation with them.

4. Give away Love – One of the free things available on in this planet. Spreading love is the most beautiful thing anyone can do. Love yourself first then only you can love others. Love unconditionally and spread as much love as you can it comes back in manifolds. People feel alive and happy when they are loved. It is said that love can heal some severe illness.

Tip: The next person you meet may be going through some fierce battle. Spread love, talk to them and help them relax.

5. Give away Help – If someone comes to you asking for some help, try your best to help them. People usually expect a lot in return when they help others but, try once not to expect anything and help other person to get out of the problem he/she is facing.

Tip: Always help with a free will. Do verify if the person and the problem are genuine before you offer help.

When you start giving to others, you realize how satisfying it is. Be more grateful, generous, patient, sincere, respect others and honest enough when you are giving away. Share your experiences, share knowledge, share positive thoughts as much as you can. What will you get by giving? Tons of wishes and never-ending happiness. Zig Ziglar once said, “If we help others get what they want, we will in turn get what we want.” So, what are you giving away?