“Can I help?” That is pure music to my ears when my six year-old son, Jeremiah, asks me if he can help me with different things. It all started when he was just two years old. My husband and I used to try and show Jeremiah how to get involved at home. Regardless of how small the task may have been, it was crucial to show him what teamwork was all about.

By the age of four, Jeremiah was obsessed with finding coins and making sure he contributed to his piggy bank. It wasn’t about “getting rich” or having him stress about money at four, it was all about introducing Jeremiah to what is out there in the world. As he entered elementary school, it dawned on me how much of an impact these small gestures had on his well-being.

This year we decided to donate to his classroom by buying some school supplies. In our area, there are a lot of families in need, so what’s better than helping your own community? It’s been important to stress to my son that no matter how much money we have (or don’t have), there is always a family that could use some help. Giving back feels good and the world needs more of that going around.

Jeremiah coming home with one of his three shopping bags filled with school supplies.

While meeting with his teachers these past two years, they both have emphasized on how kind and loving Jeremiah is. I couldn’t have felt more proud hearing some of the stories they shared. When I was growing up, I always enjoyed giving back because seeing people’s smiles was so rewarding and infectious. Now, the reward is watching my son happily volunteer to help around the house or tag along when we donate to those in need. Exposing him to the different aspects of life and what our beautiful world has to offer is really molding him into an individual that can contribute greatly to our society. I am honestly excited to see what the future holds for his generation, and I hope other parents and guardians out there can see how helpful it is to start leading by example at an early age.

Always remember, what goes around comes around… and if we can model the great things in life, I see a bright future ahead! The next generation can thrive from following our lead and taking a call to action on things they care about.