Christmas, new years Eve, a wonderful but also stressful period. A period where everybody thinks gifts. Tour our familly, friends, collegues, even strangers. We rush to buy gifts, to offer money, its our way to offer, to express our attachement and sentiments to other people and its perfectly normal.

But, because there is a but, its also the easy way. Because what we generaly cannot do is to give some of our time. Why ? because in modern life time, our time, is rare and thus more and more valuable. It becomes more and more difficult to spend it, to offer it to others.

And more and more people, our children, our parents, elderly people, sic people, people in the need, need our PRESENCE, more than our gifts and money. Money can fill an empty stomacks, but a big hug, a warm discussion, a physical presence can heal broken hearts.

Beeing there when they need you, when they ask for your presence, and moreover if you do it by your own decision, is really caring for our brothers, because we are all creatures of the same creator, so we are brothers, its showing compassion.

So, in the craziness of modern life, moreover during the feast period, were lonely people feel even more lonely, sick people feel even worst, try to find some time to spare with our brothers in the need. If everyone of us try to care for just a few people around him, feast period will become a feast period for everyone. And if you start now, you may continue all year round, and then the world will gradually become a better place to live. No big words, no big plans, no big programs, everyone must reserve just a little more of his time to the others.

  • PS i was asked by Mrs Haffington to write a text about “how to give back to others around the holidays”
  • PS sorry for my poor english