The Music censorship interest group, known as the Parental Resource Music Group formed by who is known as the: “Washington Wives”. Formed in 1985 and was formed by Tipper Gore, Susan Baker, Pam Howar, Nancy Thurmond, and Sally Nevius.  This group was the founder’s of the original group called the Parents Music Resource Group that pushed the topic of Parental Advisory sticker’s and this group caused the current movie and music parental ratings system to be discovered. The  Parental Resource Music Group or the PRMD was replaced in the mid to late 1990’s by RIAA due to human and civil right issues. These women to this day do not recieve the credit they deserve in American History. So as a writer of this article we need to give these women the credit that they deserve. If it was not for these women we would not have the RIAA. Which the RIAA is a very important music association for any musician to join because they focus ion civil rights and human rights as an artist. The RIAA can provide the legal color coded sticker’s and labels an artist needs as a major musician that succeeds. These color coded warning sticker’s and labels from the RIAA are a federal offense to replicate. There needs to be more awareness to musicians in 2018 and how not joining all the music organizations that exists can be the reason any successful major artist or business owner fails and I believe it is against the law in America to not be a member of every music organization that exist in 2018. This is another short awareness story for thrive but is very important to bring awareness to any entrepreneur or musician in 2018 for them to succeed. I will bring more thrive global stories to the table as I research and cover this topic.