With Giving Tuesday behind us and holiday season ahead, many New Yorkers are finding a charity that they’re passionate about through which to spread holiday cheer. Here are some charities I’ve found in NYC that are worth looking into. These worthwhile organizations are broad in scope to cover any type of charity you want to pay it forward to.

  1. Citymeals on Wheels.

Citymeals on Wheels delivers meals to homebound older adult New Yorkers. These include meal programs, volunteer programs, aging initiatives, and more. In this way, Citymeals on Wheels helps older adults fulfill practical and emotional needs. Donate here.

  1. No Kid Hungry.

No Kid Hungry aims to end childhood hunger by getting kids access to valuable resources such as school breakfast, and summer meals. Donate here.

  1. Central Park Conservancy.

The Central Park Conservancy is dedicated to maintaining NYC’s most iconic landmark: Central Park. Donate here.

  1. Robin Hood.

Robin Hood partners with over 200 of the best nonprofits in NYC to improve the living standards of 1.8 million low-income New Yorkers. Services include food, housing, health, education, legal assistance, and relief. Donate here.

  1. The Bowery Mission.

The Bowery Mission provides meals, shelter, and medical care to homeless New Yorkers. They served over 10,000 meals Thanksgiving weeks alone. Donate here.

You can keep this list in mind for the holiday season, as well as for New Year’s, if one of your resolutions is to give more charity. Good luck finding the charity that speaks to you most, and happy holidays this holiday season!