When it comes to design communication it hopefully is about problem solving along human- , or more precisely, ‘life-centered’ needs.

In 2012 I published an article that outlines the creative and economic potential of solving social problems by companies. Because this approach offers an opportunity to demonstrate the core competence comprehensibly, rather than just claiming it. Especially regarding the background not only to do good and tell everybody, but to be observed under the eyes of society.

In times of social media this still applies. But from my point of view a cultural change is happening.

Let go

Optimization and meaningful creation shifts from the collective to the individual.

I want to capture this observation along blossoming attitudes like mindfulness and self-fulfillment. Therefore it is about directing the resource attention (back) to oneself. Consequently, accompanying topics such as basic income, crowd funding, meditation, coaching, co-working, slow food, etc. continue to increase.

With this new freedom it appears comprehensible that the aversion to technology and digital presence increases – such as addictions and dependencies in general. In addition the dissolving of social platforms or the call for decentralized forms is a logical consequence as well. The progress of digital transformation is not a contradiction in this manner – as long as a life-centered approach is given.

Which role do companies play in this? 
What kind of problems need to be solved? 
And what does this all have to do with spirituality?

The opportunity for companies lies in helping people to achieve their own individual goals. Or at least to inspire them what these even are – far from status or income. Being aware of it for yourself as a company is a precondition of course.

To get into the right vibe, it is about purpose – the light that calls you to follow.

The fact that companies use to maintain an ideal image, that persuades people to identify with, it serves a trained phasing that is based on comparison. Neither education nor politics have any interest or, let’s say, the resources to promote the natural uniqueness. Although precisely there lies the inexhaustible (economic) potential – even or especially within the alleged flaw. Companies however own next to resources (data richness, specialists and power) hopefully an interest to care about a sincere relationship.

How could the development of this potential succeed regarding this background?

From ‘Kill your ego’ across ‘You are not your thoughts’ to ‘We are all one’.

By welcoming a spiritual attitude and also embed it in your communication strategy. For instance focusing the perspective on positivity, flipping fears into hope, encouraging for “doing” and self-love.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Sadly the scary marketing-demon is still spooking around, claiming that satisfied people do not consume. But what does consumption even mean, if possession, which from a spiritual perspective possesses you, steadily loses its meaning?

The benefit is relevant and will be intercepted by disciplines that are designing services for instance.

In order to develop desirable markets or improve existing ones, it is therefore important to create (communication-) solutions that encourages people to be satisfied with themselves — or, once again, fulfill their own individual goals. Why? Because that creates engagement.

Awake or remember.