In this era, people think that they are globalized. It is necessary to understand the proper meaning of globalization and this will help in the development of the world economy in a better way. There are processes associated with production and consumption and this will help in responding to the common impulses. The process of globalization is manifested in the world trade as a significant proportion of output and this will assist to control the economy accordingly. The explosion of foreign direct investment has increased the process of globalization and thus the markets have become integrated in a better way. The level of capital in the national market is also expected to increase and thus it will make it easier to handle the trade transaction process. There are different features of globalization and it is important to analyze all this in order to make the concept clear and better.

An increase in the level of consumption includes goods and services provided to the customers from the same company or different company. With the increase in the level of technology, there will be an improvement in the production process and thus the consumers can purchase standardized products. The countries can liberalize the protocols and thus welcome the process of foreign investment into the other sectors of the economy. This implies that those countries have become a magnet and thus they can attract global capital by opening up the economy for the multi-national organizations. Further, the countries can also liberalize the visa rules and procedures with the help of globalization and this will permit the free flow of people from other countries. The unproductive sector can carry out the process of investment and thus it will be easier to handle the export-related activities in a vital way.

The process of globalisation is associated with the grounded theory of comparative advantage and thus it implies that the countries must be good at the production of different good and services. The countries that are good at producing different types of good will be benefitted through the trading process and thus it will be easier to handle the wage differential process. This will help the country to gain with the help of comparative advantage and thus carry out the trading process in a smooth way. It is the responsibility of different countries to subscribe to the rules and thus they can oversee the terms of trade of the country. The UN and the other related bodies will agree to follow the principles and thus open up for international trading process. There are different dimensions of globalization and thus the impact on the global economy can be handled accordingly. Further, there will be greater mobility of the people and thus they can agree to the principles in order to follow the policy of free trade in the country.

As globalization is considered to be a macro phenomenon, there are different causes that contribute to the growth of globalization. The micro issues also contribute to the daily life of the people and thus it lays a great impact on the individual life. There are different aspects of distribution related to the global economy and this will affect the chances of employment and material circumstances. The ideological changes in terms of technological determinism will help in the growth of international finance thereby increasing the opportunity costs.  The different types of policies send negative signals to the financial market and the government of a particular country fails to take risks. The exporters are opening up the home market and this will mitigate the traditional biases against the countries. The students of international relation, as well as comparative politics, try to provide central concern and shift the entire process in a better way. The development of modern technology is one of the most important factors contributing to globalization. The advancement in this area leads to different changes and thus it will affect the level of communication of the people. Further, the process of digitalization has affected the economy and it will help in the delivery of products.

The development in the level of transportation is also another cause of globalization. It is the responsibility of the company to deliver the goods and services to different customers across worldwide locations. Further, the growth of global media, the increased mobility of labor and the reduction in the tariff barriers are also the leading causes of globalization. It is the responsibility of the companies to handle the secure funding process and thus they can carry out the operations in the foreign market in a smooth way. On the other hand, it is also vital to check that the business establishments are operating in a better way and this will assist in keeping the costs of the country lower. It is only through globalization that a country can encourage creativity as well as innovation. There are many such companies that are being pressurized in order to develop the products and services and thus by being competitive. This will make the process efficient and thus contribute positively to the growth of the economy.

The factors leading to globalization are considered to improve the living standards, economies and the business conditions such as the economic inequality in a country. Further, there are many such firms that exploit the workers in the developing country. The domestic company on the other hand such as EssayCorp, Business Standard, or Furtune will find it difficult to retain and attract the retain in a better way. The level of tax competition and tax avoidance are the most important problems faced by a particular country. The vigorous conscious actions will make it easier to handle the entire process and thus globalisation will continue to develop accordingly.

There are different consequences of globalisation and this leads to increase in the global output process. The Heckscher-Ohlin theory related to comparative advantage will help in the growth of factor abundance in different countries. FDI will improve the level of technology and thus there are different types of intellectual capital that helps the company in the growth of substantial capital. Globalization also influences the level of distributed income and thus it will benefit the economies of different countries. There will be growth and development of the economy and this will benefit the investors as well as the recipients of the country. The free trade marketing will assist in making the countries richer and thus there should be proper economic analysis. The effect on domestic income distribution must also be considered to be clear and this will help in the export-import process in a better way.