What is health? What is a healthy person? Who can truly say they know the answer? There are countless books, programs, degrees, coaches, mentors, professions and sciences that push ideas of what it means to be healthy and in summer, it’s relentless.

The crux of the matter is; what does it really mean for you in particular? Healthy is not the same for everyone. What if we broke healthy down?

Let’s look at the word HEALTHY. It actually breaks into two words that can be applied to the human organism on multiple levels.

Heal thy body… Heal-thy body… Healthy body.

Health is not something foreign to the body. It is something that everyone has. How does your ability to “heal thy body” look? How do you want it to look? It is not a matter of being unhealthy. It is a matter of you being in the know of your capacity to heal thy body and if you want to facilitate your life or thwart it.

What does your healing process look like? Is it optimal? Are you getting the proper nutrients to provide the building blocks of healing and the right nutrients for the energy of the healing processes of daily life? Are you training your body how to habitually heal? Are you eating foods with chemicals that get in the way of your body’s ability to heal itself? 

Anything unnatural to the body that disrupts its processes is seen as a threat and must be removed. 

If you continually eat, drink, breathe and smoke toxins, things that need to be healed that are minor in priority can worsen and become major issues if they have to wait to be healed. Then, when they become major issues, the body can have a terrible time trying to remedy them on its own when it is exhausted of resources and loaded with toxins.

People tend to be unaware of this relatively basic concept of health. They are fed the idea that they “should be healthy” because it is the “right thing to do” or “they should lose weight” so they look good at the pool. All without ever being exposed to the idea of how awesome and expansive of a life experience they could have if they knew how disruptive or constructive things could be.

People still continue to fall victim to the advertising and convenience of quick and very temporary pleasures that are combined with things that get in the way of optimal self-healing of the body. This includes crash diets, booze filled brunches and stress.

Showing people how awesome it can be to be free in their bodies is not far fetched. It starts with reimagining healthy. 

How do you want your “healthy” to feel? Are you willing to take responsibility for it?

We can shift it from “healthy”, an adjective that describes a person’s state of being to a statement of action:

Heal thy body.

Heal thy mind.

Heal thy soul.

Heal thy being.

A heal(thy) summer’s end will bring a heal(thy) fall.