If it’s meant to be, it will be….

Pretty sure that most of us have come across this sentence at least once in our life. We could have had been told that by a much older and wiser person. Or we could have stumbled across this quote online and liked it showing support and understanding to its meaning. Or there could have an upturning event that dramatically changed everything and now, we live by these words.

Honestly, when something unpredictable is inflicted upon us, our first instinct is primarily to question ourselves.

Am I good enough?

Where did I go wrong?

How come someone else with the exact same situation as me is way ahead in life?

Then comes the comparison or worse, the self-taunting. It can manifest itself through repeated unnecessary thoughts, fatigue or what doctors call it— low serotonin levels.

Frankly speaking, as we do not possess much control over the external factors affecting us, blaming ourselves for not trying hard enough makes no sense. Undoubtedly, we cannot change our name, our birthplace, our height among others….

In the midst of all this inner chaos, especially when we are adults, we often accept things the way they are as the last resort. And that’s probably the best thing if we choose to do so. Our incapacity to do certain things in life should therefore translate itself in maximizing on our present strengths. It makes little sense to focus on our shortcomings and dwell on them— wondering why and how our inner mechanism functions a certain way.

“Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.”― Eckhart Tolle

The above quote advocates for fully accepting the way our present life is tuned. It then leads to upping one’s mindset to a greater self-cause— gratitude. When we are grateful with what we have, we are putting ourselves in a better situation to succeed. We then become just to our body and soul. Whatever harsh condition is inflicted upon us, we are in harmony and fully comprehend that if it’s meant to be, it will be…. There is no point in arguing why others have the chance to be better performers. There is neither any point in comparing and exhausting our body endlessly.

The life we have been given is a gift. Therefore, making the most of our positions remains the best weapon against negativity. Indeed, there is a dose of realism in accepting and surrendering to our true selves and our attributes. Let’s not also forget we are being authentic to ourselves and to the gift that we have been given. Life.

Originally published at mushiirahs.wordpress.com