I hear a lot of people saying they’re life coaches on Instagram, Facebook and even twitter; flashing their abs, showing their perfect life. They are telling you how to act, how to react, and how to live. Has it ever occurred to you that you, yourself, know the answers to your questions? Rather than by attempting to mimic someone on social media. By seeing a Coach or by asking yourself questions and probing for the answers that you don’t want to hear you can come to your own conclusions. A Coach and Client relationship is a co-created relationship; built and continually building together.

My framework is quite simple:

  1. What do you want to do and why?
  2. What is your current state and your ideal future?
  3. What is your action plan?

When someone tells me they want to loose weight- OK cool but why? Why do you want to loose weight? The Client needs to asses for example, if it is because they do not feel comfortable in their skin, or because they want to run a marathon? You need to find the meaning behind it, you need to identify the why behind your topic. If you have a strong topic and metatopic then your content will be much more easily organized. So let me ask again: WHY DO YOU WANT TO RUN A MARATHON? – personal goal, ok check!

So then great, we have a golden nugget, you want to run marathon? When is your marathon? What do you have to do to get there? Do you have running knowledge? Yes or no? Hmm if you don’t have any knowledge, where can you get help? Where can you get a training plan? What about nutrition? This is where the ideas start flowing, where the juice gets made. #winning.

Now for the action plan, what do you need to do to achieve your goal of running marathon? This section cannot be all rainbows and unicorns, we need to be realistic. Well if my client is telling me they haven’t walked in a gym in 5 months, well what are you going to do with that? Well I have a personal trainer as a friend! OK awesome, now will you contact him? YASS TRAINING PLAN, OK, great that’s what I love to hear, in this part of the framework you need to do be as proactive as possible. If not, are you really, truly into this goal? This even might be a good time to ask if they even have a friend who ran a marathon so they can be a point of contact? Who will hold you accountable?

All throughout this process, I cannot stress enough to have a tribe who supports you, have positive people around you who have your back. Forget the friends with negative vibes, forget the fitspo influencers you follow on the gram, this your thing, so do it your way. Your goals and actions towards them are your way of leading a more positive life, it may not be easy, you may stumble, but the end result has to be pronounced, making yourself happy. You need to be true to yourself- and your goals