There is such stress within when we hold in or ignore what we’re feeling.

I did that often as a child because I was raised to respect my elders, stay in a child’s place, etc. All that. Uggh!

I’ve made up for all of that as a grown woman, occasionally much to the displeasure of a few.
Confident Women With Voices are often viewed as problematic by some. Your boldness and courage are both admirable until you say or do something that they don’t agree with.

Even as adults we often worry about how what we’re feeling will affect others if it’s spoken out loud…but what about us?

Even as adults we often worry about how what we’re feeling will affect others if spoken out loud…,but what about us?

Far too many of us are running from our truth or camouflaging it. Or so we think we are.

People pleasing and trying to fit in when we aren’t completely welcomed or are misunderstood is destructive and often impacts our self-respect.

When we aren’t completely at peace, few people in our lives will be either.

Discontent tends to seep outward from the smallest of openings.

Yes, in ways you don’t even realize, others, especially your loved ones are feeling the wrath of your frustrations.

We’re actually lying to ourselves,
because we’re tolerating, accepting and denying the complete picture.

I, for example, know that I need to detox and disconnect from a few people who are not serving my spirit positively in both my personal and business spaces.

For various reasons I have delayed doing so, but I am 100% committed to going into 2020 with less baggage.

People included.

Because I’m worthy and I have no room in my P.S. (personal space) for B.S.

What have you been holding in or avoiding that needs to be said or acted upon?

Say it like you mean it.

Releasing it verbally is a start.

Otherwise, the only one who suffers is you.


  • Jacqueline Miller

    Bridging the Gap Between Working Moms & Their Aspirations for Excellence in Life & Career

    Award-winning entrepreneur, motivational speaker, #1 Amazon bestselling author, blogger, certified life strategist and grief support facilitator. Areas of expertise include clarity (mindset mastery) empowerment (personal power), career success (work/life balance) personal development, diversity & inclusion, leadership & workplace conflict resolution. As a life coach, she helps Moms who are in, or who are nearing the empty nest stage prepare for, as well as navigate all the changes and challenges that come with it. "The status of your nest when it is empty will be determined by the actions you take when it is full."