Hacking Your Future with Angie Carrillo

Hey Everyone my name is Angie Carrillo, the host of Going Forward Podcast, the bilingual podcast to future-proof business and life. Whether it is an economic crisis or personal struggles, every moment is an opportunity to build your future. The podcast is launching in Spanish and English on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

I decided to create this podcast because I haven’t seen enough podcasts preparing you for the future. There is a lot of information out there about entrepreneurship, mindset, manifestation, quick transformations but I believe the only hack that we need is that you are creating your future right now. In fact, we are creating our future every day. 

Something I see happens to all of us is that we delay our happiness or sense of fulfillment for a future is not yet here and we don’t have the security that it will ever be here. We get into this future dreamlike state. We fantasize so much about the future that we forget about the present moment. Or there is the other side, we are stuck in the past reliving it again and again that we forget we are right here right now.

This is something that has happened to me. And I struggled with.

I had 2 previous companies. I founded a profitable company and a venture-backed tech startup and back then I was really a slave of my own company. And I decided I needed freedom so went to travel the world and became an accidental travel influencer.

In my journey, I realized is that is not having the tech company, the millions in investment, the followers, it’s about enjoying whatever you are creating right now.

Angie Carrillo

Now is the only thing we have. The future is actually creating by small bits of present moments. And for me, it was so hard to enjoy my present moment because I was always living in the future, chasing the next big goal, the next achievement.

So I decided to create Going Forward Podcast because the only hack we need is to enjoy our present moment and have a clear path and clarity to know where we are going. So we can attract that future to the now. 

We don’t have to wait to feel successful when we hit those 10 thousand followers or feel accomplished when my company hits a certain amount of sales or raises X amount of funding. In your personal life, you don’t need to find the one and get married to be loved right now. No.

We can be happy and fulfilled right now with what we have. And begin to attract and work for the things we want. 

I’m creating this podcast I believe there is a sweet spot for that. And to teach this is a combination of my own ideas and ideas and conversations with other people. It’s not about having all the knowledge, or being ready, or having all the mentors and opportunities. It’s about taking action and taking action NOW.

And for that we need to do some work on your mindset, so you can align it with your purpose and take aligned action. And from there you can use a company to be the vehicle for your purpose.

I’m creating Going Forward because I want to help more people to do that and it took me a while to figure this out. And I think this knowledge should be available for everyone.

Everybody should tune in to Going Forward Podcast if they want to grow, if they want to have an entrepreneurial mindset, if they are into self-development,  if they are a multi-passionate human being, if you are an outcast, If you haven’t found your tribe I’m looking for you. 

There is so much noise out there, we have been exposed to all these tags and this “reality”. So for example I struggled with being called an extrovert when I’m not an extrovert all the time. Now that I know better I know I’m an introvert and an extrovert and it’s called an ambivert. But we are taught that we can’t be both we have to pick one thing.

For me to choose just one career path and one passion it was hard because I have multiple passions, I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I believe we all have multiple passions and not all of them are a profitable business.

If you are a creative, a multi-passionate, then you need to listen to Going Forward Podcast. Because the path of an entrepreneur the path of a creative is not a straightforward path. I think it has been romanticized. We have shown all the flowers and success, but I’m here to show the real side of things.  If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a content creator I would like you to listen to this because the ultimate form of creation it’s entrepreneurship. It’s serving people.

I would like you to use the tools that I’m gonna share with you, the people I’m gonna interview the conversations we are going to have. So you can start gathering up tools that work for you and for you to use the business as a vehicle for your own purpose that you have. And if you have not yet discovered your purpose I would like you to use this conversations to ask your self the questions and begin to have more clarity. 

If you are into self development, building a business, then let’s prepare you for 2030 and beyond. 

Something that will make us unique as a podcast, is that we all have a very different view of the world. And I’m here to not only showcase one side but multiple sides and integrating them. And what I mean by this is that I’m someone very interested in technology and science and have lived many years in Silicon Valley at the heart of tech innovation.  I even lived at Nasa at some point while incubating one of my tech startups. So not many people have this network and I want to share it.

But at the same time, I’m a Latina born Peru, raised in Mexico and I’m into honoring my roots. I cannot shake the reality of being born and raised in developing countries. I cannot unseen a reality that many of the top futurists have not seen.

Going Forward is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

I aim to integrate two views of the world that have not been put together. And be the bridge. 

From the science to the woo woo

From the business to the spirituality

From the tech to the natural things in life.

I have friends from all walks of life, from the billionaires to farmers and if you are a human being then you are welcome here. I have an ability to talk with all the spectrum of the pyramid we live right now and I would like to bring both views, not only have discussions with the top of the pyramid but talk to everybody. 

I feel a certain responsibility to share this with all the Americas in particular because I traveled to all this continent and I lived in Peru, Mexico, US, Brasil, and traveled to 35+countries and this has made me learn multiple languages and connect the dots.

We are all more similar than what we think we are. And to begin to have more inclusive conversations. And for this, the podcast won’t be only in English but also in Spanish. It will be bilingual because we want to integrate multiple views and that’s what the future needs. 

The future doesn’t need one skewed view of the world. We don’t need only the limited perspective of the richest few of the white and male. It’s not about that. If we want to tap into humanity’s potential then we need all humans.

This podcast is not about me being your guide and imposing my definitions and views about success. We have enough of that already. It’s about you being your own best guide and tapping into your best potential to find freedom, legacy, and your own definition of success.

We are officially launching on the 15th  and you can hear all the episodes dropping every Tuesday. Expect awesome conversations, I’m gonna be interviewing people that are teaching me, stories that need to be told, even people that are pushing my buttons a little bit. Because it can be fun and interesting. Expect also solo episodes, just between you and me. 

I cannot wait for you to be part of this podcast, and this community and connect with you. Go to www.angiecarrillo.com/podcast where all the show notes will be available and a special sneak peeks of future episodes. 

So, if you are anyone looking to grow, don’t miss out. Be part of this. Subscribe. Let’s create an awesome future together and let’s go forward.


  • Angie Carrillo

    Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Host

    Going Forward Podcast

    Serial entrepreneur, business coach, philanthropist.
    After founding 2 companies in Silicon Valley, Angie Carrillo went to travel the world while working remotely as an advisor for top companies like HP, Bayer, and Boston Scientific. Angie developed a following on social media and became an accidental influencer. This made her realize success is not having the followers or the millions in funding, but how you use those to align it with your purpose and serve the world. Angie Carrillo is the host of the Going Forward Podcast and futurist and founder of a company that educates entrepreneurs and reskilling through business training, and personal development tools for the future of work. Angie is a graduate of the Singularity University, Draper University, Tecnológico de Monterrey, and UC Berkeley.