The first time I started exercising I did not have any knowledge on how to eat healthy and exercise. But now I know so much on exercises and what my body needs in order to reach my goals.

Exercising makes me happy but it was not always my happy place.

The first time I started exercising was because I believed that I was ugly and I would have friends if I lost weight.

I lost 10kg but I still did not love myself and I put all the weight on plus more when I moved to England.

In 2013 I started exercising again but I still did not work on my self love and it lead to an unhealthy path of wanting to be skinny no matter what. I lost a lot of weight in under 3 months where I went from 70kg to 50kg.

I felt like this lifestyle was too hard and that anything I would do I would still never be happy.

in 2014 I gave up on myself I did not believe in myself as a trainer and felt that everyone saw me as a failure

In 2015 I found the most easiest way for me to reach my goals and not deprive myself I found macros/calorie counting.

This was great as I was getting to my goals and also was able to eat what I wanted to in moderation.’

In late 2016 I started working on my mindset and realised that this is the missing part of the puzzle.

The biggest tip I can give anyone who has a fitness goal of weight loss is to listen to your body, nourish it with good healthy foods, move your body and be kind to yourself we are our own worse enemies most of the time and the more we hate on ourselves the more that will become our reality