Whether people are willing to admit it, love has become one of the major themes of the corona period. We have talked about familial love and friendship. Then, there is also romantic love. Whether its through marriage, or non-contracted, committed and serious relationships. This current time is having its challenges as it pertains to those who are in long distant relationships. Those couplings and partnerships, who have found love and are forced to continue it from, afar!

It can be frustrating when having to continue love, while being away from your romantic partner. In fact, it can be rather agonizing. Filled with longing and sorrow. Wishing that this current pandemic would end already. They say that distance makes the heart grow stronger. You can also say that it makes the bond glue tighter. Being away from your lover, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancee, or significant other, does not mean that love goes away. In fact, being apart can allow love to blossom even more. That’s if you are continuing to immerse yourself in that sacred bond. A sacred coupling, which has been divinely orchestrated and arranged by the Universe grows stronger; no matter how distant two lovers may be. It just takes added work on the part of both parties to make things work. Let’s explore active creativity magical world of LOVE, when a relationship has to go the distance, literally!

*Love Poetry

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In a time when people are forced to be distant, the world of poetry becomes even more powerful. When it comes from one’s own words and being, it is that more, profound! Write loving poetry to each other. Make the process even more romantic and healing. Alone in your quiet spacing, with love songs playing in the background, go in depth into the love you are feeling for your romantic other. Let the words be as natural and real. Capturing every delight and emotion, you are feeling for your one true love!

*Compose A Romantic Playlist

Are there songs, whose light are so radiant, that they remind you of you and your, heart? Create a special playlist between you and your Sweetie! Talk about how each song brings out a memory for your relationship, or talks about a beautiful component of your love for each other. Decide on each of these songs together, and make them a daily playlist. Love is even more radiant when in music’s haven.

*Zoom Or Face Time Play


Now that the digital realms have become even more important, now is the opportunity to diverge further into their creativity. Use Zoom or Face Time as an opportunity to have game night, puppetry night, or even write a play together. Perhaps, the two of you could put your creative minds to use, and write a play together. A romantic play. Love needs exercise. So, why not put its creative entity to work?

*Loving Letters

Love letters are great! Yet, during these current times, why do it the regular way? This time you can do a whole chain of them to each other. Write them on the most beautiful stationery you can find, and make a whole collage from them. Allow them to be an ongoing art project! Letting love’s masterpiece take center stage!

(Source: www.freepik.com)
(Source: www.freepik.com)

*Create Your Next Vacation Together

Imagination and positive vibes of travel are very essential during this key period. Why not get excited about being able to travel together when all of this is finished? Plus, during this corona phase, you get the opportunity to be prepared. Do the research! Write down all of the restaurants and experiences you would like to have when you go to your travel destination. Create a huge colorful poster. Decorate it! Allow the children inside both of you to come out! Be as detailed as possible and relish in the aura of all the adventure you will have when you will have adventure with your distant honey, once again!

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*Observing Your Silent, Love!

Silence is more than golden! In fact, there are other jewels coloring its existence! You can learn a lot about a person, by simply watching them. Observe them. There are times when you can feel that love, just by looking at them. So sit and look! Put your Face Time or Zoom on. Maybe have some background music on. Do regular things around the house, that you all would normally do when you are together, or during life’s regular periods. Allow your partner to see you move around, or when you are sitting down, while occupied with a particular task. Re-learn and re-explore each other all over again!

*New Hobby, Higher Love!

Has there been something that you and your significant other have been thinking about doing, together? Something that is healthy for both of you. Find it and stick to it. Make it a weekly ritual. Again, you can use your technology mediums to assist you in showing off what you have produced. Or you can produce it together. The call is yours!

(source: www.freepik.com)
(Source: www.freepik.com)

*Date Night Is Still A Great Night!

You miss those date nights, right? So, keep them going! Being separated should not stop you. Plan a night. Perhaps do it once a week. Create different themes for each of those nights. Spice up the excitement! Each of you can cook your own meals. High value meals, of course! Dress up as if you two are about to take the night by storm. Get the Zoom and FaceTime ready. Each of you get a bottle of wine, or your favorite drink. Whichever is of your choosing! Nevertheless, make date night another great night, EVERLASTING!


*Dancin’ For Love!

So, you are missing out on your Friday night Salsa and Tango classes. Ok. Bring tango and salsa to your homes. Dress in dance ready mode. Your favorite songs during class time are still relevant, for your personal dance party with your loved one! Put them on. Remember teacher’s words and steps, and dance together. Again, remember to put Zoom or Face Time in a suitable position. Add and share new flairs that you have been working on, with your beloved!

(Source: www.freepik.com)
(Source: www.freepik.com)

*The Distance Of Intimacy

Yes! That clearly is a very important issue, is it not? Keeping the physical chemistry alive is one of the challenges when in long distance relationships. Physically, you are separated. Nevertheless, this is a great time to strengthen intimacy. Re-exploring new things. Doing active research together assists the two of you in improving in this significant component of your relationship. What are new practices and intimate artistry the two of you would like to explore? Furthermore, it would give you the opportunity to be honest with each other, regarding any concerns. Distance does not mean you lose that physical attraction, allure, and chemistry. In fact, this is the time when you can learn more about each other.

Now, that the world has been forced to become distant, love is forcing new ways of thriving! Creating new ways of being stimulated and existing, temporarily! We don’t know how long this will end. Romantic couples in long distant relationships cannot control this. What they can control, however, is putting in more work (more than what they have ever had to do) in building the love, already there! Like a flower, water it, feed it, and give it enough sunlight! Enjoy how it blooms and save more bouquets for when that love gets back together, once more!

(Source: www.freepik.com)
(Source: www.freepik.com)


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