Employees who are often traveling on business provide a valuable asset to a company, and going the extra mile for them is a way to acknowledge that value. This is done in numerous ways, including the five listed below, to ensure they have all they need when away on business.

1. Opt for Business Class Airfare

Make the employee’s comfort the top priority for allowing business class airfare. They will arrive more relaxed and ready to jump into the business at hand. This will be especially true if the flight is four hours or more and especially so if international. Flying business class will not only provide more comfortable seating and workspace but will also provide additional food and drink choices. It may also provide access to airport lounges for employees to relax in, or even conduct business in, as well as offering quicker flight check-in on each leg of the journey.

2. Upgrade Accommodations

Comfortable accommodations will be necessary for traveling employees as they will need time to rest between meetings and events. The location of the accommodations, as well as amenities offered, will also be beneficial to their wellbeing. For extended stays, try furnished housing. Furnished apartments are a great choice when deciding where to stay in Boston and other major cities. Consider other options as well. 

3. Rethink Transportation Options

Where it is common to rent a car at the business destination for your employee or rely on taxis, consider arranging for a car service to pick them up at the airport. Also, arrange for this car service to be on hand for any traveling throughout the trip. This provides a more personal touch and acknowledges how important the employee’s role is. It also relieves the employee of having to seek out his or her taxis or directions to business meetings or events.

4. Provide the Best Technology

There is an incredible amount of things to keep track of during business travel, and providing the employee with the best technology to do so will benefit not only them but the company as well. Consider types of technology to support them in their work. The options range from laptops to smartphones to productive software to use on the road. For instance, provide expense tracking software and other software to assist them with the business at hand. This may include a CRM app to capture and share contact information at a trade show or other such event.

5. Add Employee Leisure Time

While your employee may be all about business, they may also appreciate a little leisure time in their business travel destination. Often, this will motivate employees and help them avoid burnout and alleviate any tensions and stress. It also shows the company values their time and wants to reward them for their dedication. This can be in the way of free time to explore the city or make a spa appointment, or tack on an extra day for them to rest before returning.

By offering traveling employees an opportunity to fly business class, stay in a network of furnished apartments, use the best technology, be chauffeured, and have leisure time, you’ll be going the extra mile for them. In doing so, you’ll be showing them how valuable they are to the company.