With billionaires and UHNWI pledging to give a majority of their wealth to charitable causes that benefit and make a positive impact on society, it provides opportunities for many to follow suite and recognize the only way to move civilization forward is to help provide access to resources and educate people on creating a sustainable ecosystem to thrive.

As giving back goes, not much is known about serial entrepreneur Zach Salter except he has a melodic voice that commands the attention of millions and a charming personality that even makes the top models look twice. With his most anticipated mixtape- Sweet Talker 2( a follow up on Sweet Talker), it’s no surprise that he continues to shine and create his own category among rising talents in the industry. Other than being involved and starting multiple businesses in different industries and dominating them, he is very discrete about his charitable involvements and is humble.

Filings show Salter is a very active philanthropist but never seeks headlines for his giving even though the media is very interested in the life of this mysterious entrepreneur.

Salter focuses a lot of his time on giving back in partnership with other charities. From a young age, he already knew he wanted to start a foundation focused on feeding the hungry. The day, he dropped out of college- he got it tattooed which serves as a reminder about his purpose.

“Gold intentions is the name of my charity movement, as of late I’ve found it more exciting to partner with an array of other charities to keep diversifying my charitable impact and also using the infrastructures other organizations have already built and just collaborate with them.

My team and I have anywhere from 3 to 4 different charity ventures in the works at any given time and I’ve noticed that the most satisfying part is donating our time to a cause to see first hand how our efforts are being received”Zach Salter

Many entrepreneurs like real estate mogul and NY Times Best Selling Author Grant Cardone prove that giving back doesn’t hurt the bottom line, in fact the more you give- the more you will receive. It’s not only the good thing to do, it is the right thing to do.

In collaboration with his different charities, Salter highlights a year when his company- Zima Digital Assets raised $330,000 for the people of Bangladesh after turmoil had occurred within the country. He lives by a mantra “Gold Intentions” which he briefly explains is the foundation for his philanthropic work.

“ I am always looking to help people because I have learned from my life that the more I give and help others, the universe will reciprocate in some manner and for the most part- the principle of reciprocity has always worked out in my favour. I always want to go above and beyond for people and help them succeed and building businesses is just a vehicle for me to make that positive impact.”

Salter is an advocate of companies incorporating the 3BL into their operations(profit, social, and environmental). He believes that times are changing and it’s not just about making money for the sake of wasting it but to continue to move society forward, we need to be reinvesting back into resources and utilize the time we have on this Earth in the most impactful and productive way possible.


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