If we know anything about ourselves, we know that we display many emotions and feelings in any given day.

Although some may pride themselves on hitting the ground, day after day, even keeled, I’m not fully convinced. Nor does anyone need to convince me. I’m merely stating this as an observation.

Our brains are a complicated matter. If you read any of the theories and research around our thoughts, then you’ll also know that “we are not our thoughts.” And if we’re not our thoughts, then who are we? Someone is speaking to us. Who is it? And why is it spewing self-destructive thoughts? Thoughts, of self-doubt and limiting beliefs?

On the flip side, why are our thoughts also reeling a false sense of who we are?

I believe that it’s through our experiences, learnings, and interest in growing and developing as human beings, that we start to decipher the noise in our head. We owe it to ourselves to be able to tap into what’s really going on.

Have you ever experienced over the course of a week, maybe a month, waking up and already being in a certain frame of mind? For example; Monday’s for me, have a ‘feel.’ A crappy feel. This is something that I have struggled with since my grade school years. It has nothing to do with my set up of the day. I could have a lot of great things planned and yet, I feel the doom and gloom that Monday hovers over me. I say; “snap out of it.” And yet, the feeling remains. I’m working on it. This is definitely a work in progress. Come Tuesday, or at least for me, it’s a whole different feel. Why?

Here’s what I know. When I set up my day where (apart from Monday), I’ve planned out what I want to accomplish, I know I’m a lot happier. For example, every morning I know that I need to exercise. It sets me up. It spikes my brain. It shakes out the cobwebs. I also know that each day I need flexibility to accomplish what I need to do. As an entrepreneur and fierce believer in doing things that excite me (as much as I can), I’m still working on it, I have come to know what works for me and what doesn’t. I’ve honed it overtime. The clearer we are with ourselves, the happier we’ll become. I believe that once we settle, is when it messes us up.

Every single one of us will have a range of emotions throughout our day. Some good, some great, others downright bad, and everything in between. Guaranteed. No matter how ‘joyful’ you are. It’s the “Life is what happens when you’re out making other plans” (– John Lennon) that can take over.

As a matter of fact, I believe that life happens for us. We need to learn to be adaptable, nimble, flexible, whatever you call it, so that we’re better able to handle whatever comes our way.

I know that when I lead with my heart, and not with my head or especially not with my ego, wow it’s powerful. For sure I’m happier. For sure my heart feels full and open. It’s when I get into my head and second guess what I’m doing, or trying to do, is when all hell breaks loose. 

What I can offer you is a better understanding of yourself. The self that hovers over this planet looking for, and trying out new things that excite you, and gives you energy. We all must strive for that. If we don’t, we leave this world with regrets. Regrets that we didn’t take the time to experience more things. Regrets that we didn’t connect with more hearts and souls. Regrets that we didn’t lead with our heart. 

So many people struggle. Struggle to lead with their voice. Maybe you don’t even know what your voice sounds like? Maybe it’s being drowned out by external influences, and people who don’t encourage you, or lift you up?

Yes, as I always say; It starts with you, and yet in starting with you, you need to decide who you want to surround yourself with. What do you want to be doing that gives you energy?

No matter what the inspirational, motivational leaders, speakers, books say, you are not going to be in pure bliss all the time. Unless you’ve isolated yourself from the world, and even then, as social creatures, you’ll suffer. 

Know that, whatever kind of day you decide to have, you have control over the choices that you make. When you’re feeling badly, do the opposite of how you feel. Rather than stay in and cram a boat load of junk food into your body, call a friend and do something active. Get those endorphins pumping.

Get yourself into a mastermind group. Where you’re brainstorming and tackling what it is that you want to accomplish.

Seek support. Ask for what you need. You may not always get it, and yet ask anyway. If you don’t, then the answer is FOR SURE, no.

What kind of day do you want to have?


  • Amy Goldberg

    Founder + CEO @ Push Back [Action, Growth, Engagement Strategist, Writer], International Speaker, Author, Producer [Creative Entrepreneur]

    Push Back

    Amy Goldberg is a creative entrepreneur + founder + CEO of Push Back; 'creating things to inspire people.' Often you need to push back to push forward. Amy's book BE YOUR TRUTH shows people how to identify, defeat, and deconstruct the inner barriers preventing us from taking decisive action. Her work includes creative producing, action, growth & connection strategy, business building, well-being advocating and writing. She works with several business sectors and thrives where she can share how to rethink and redefine the way business is run, and how one can lead a vibrant and optimistic life.