If your company can train or motivate managers to do the following 10 things, the employees will have faith and inspiration to become the best version of themselves in their work.

A company can spend unlimited budgets to recruit the best employees, but if the boss is a fool, there is a high chance that good employees will leave as soon as they have a chance. On the contrary, if the company has great managers and team leaders, the full potential of employees will be exploited and the staff will want to stay for longer.

For more than 10 years, Google conducted a study called Project Oxygen. The goal is to find out what makes a perfect boss in order to train Google managers to cultivate and develop those traits. The research has brought about good results because, over the years, Google has significantly improved its revenue, employees’ satisfaction and performance.

One thing worth noting is that expertise plays an unimportant role according to the research results. Meanwhile, emotional intelligence skills – the ability to understand and control emotions (of themselves and of employees) are factors that are highly appreciated.

Here are 10 “good boss qualities” of a perfect leader, according to Google:

1. Be a Good Mentor

Instead of solving all issues instantly when they arise, a good boss will use those issues as examples for employees. They guide their subordinates and share personal knowledge when necessary. This helps their employees gain valuable experience and develop.

2. Empower Employees and Not Micromanage

According to the study, no employee wants to be micro-managed. This is an extreme way of managing human resources in which superiors control all employees’ actions, make comments and criticisms instead of guiding them on how to work properly.

In contrast, a good manager gives their employees the freedom they want: Free to explore their ideas, free to take risks smartly and free to… make mistakes. In addition, they also create flexible schedules and working environments for employees.

3. Create a fair team working environment, care about success, health and happiness of employees

In another study, Google found that the most important key to teamwork performance was to create a “psychologically safe” environment.

According to the result of this study, in a group with high psychological safety, people feel safe to take risks, ask questions, come up with new ideas and believe that no one will be humiliated or punished for making mistakes. In other words, an excellent team develops based on trust and a good manager is the one who can build the trust.

4. Have high productivity and direction of results

Good managers help their employees become better. They do that by setting an example and they are willing to give people a hand. That helps boost the productivity of the entire team.

5. Have Good Communication Skills: Listen and Share Information

According to Google, a good boss is a good listener. This helps them better understand and empathize with employees. Besides, they are aware that knowledge is power. That is why they are transparent and willing to share information with their team members.

6. Support work development

Good managers often encourage employees by paying sincere and specific compliments. However, they are also not afraid to give constructive criticism to the staff so that they can improve.

They also “invest” by helping their subordinates achieve personal career goals. Through which they will naturally motivate employees to devote themselves to the company.

7. Have Clear Vision/strategies

A good boss knows exactly where his team is, where to go and what to do to achieve the goals. In addition, they also ensure that each team member understands their individual role in implementing the strategy.

8. Have Expertise

Good managers understand the employees’ work, including their daily tasks and challenges.

If transferred to a new department, the manager will take time to find out how everything operates and try to create internal trust withing the team before making any changes or advice to subordinates.

9. Cooperate Effectively

A bad manager will lead his team towards defending or even spoiling other groups in the company. Meanwhile, good managers can see the whole picture and work for the common good of the company as well as encourage employees to do the same.

10. Be Decisive in Making Decisions

Good bosses are decisive. After understanding the factors and considering the views of all members, they will push things forward, even if that requires making decisions not everyone agrees with. After that, they are committed to their decisions to create trust.


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