We are in the midst of unpredictable times. I’ve been saying that for a few weeks, but each day, the circumstances become layered with more complexity. COVID-19 is presenting unprecedented challenges to the global community and Charitybuzz is not exempt from its effects.

Every business and every person is experiencing the repercussions of this situation in their own way. Nonprofits are especially impacted. Many organizations have postponed or cancelled fundraising galas. Performing arts calendars have been cleared. Some major donors are holding off on making financial moves until we all understand more about the economic effects of the pandemic. That is a lot to deal with, especially as charities are the groups we’ve tasked with addressing the world’s toughest challenges.

Charitybuzz exists to help nonprofits raise new, unrestricted funds. Our commitment to our partners has not wavered. If anything, we have become even more passionately dedicated to working alongside our nonprofit clients.

Our Accounts team is identifying the types of auction items and experiences that are currently in demand on our platform and discussing with our charities — things like virtual private cooking lessons from celebrity chefs, virtual in-home concerts, business meetings and consultations over video chat, high-end wine and spirits, exclusive music and sports memorabilia, celebrity voicemail recordings and messages, guest spots on podcasts and radio shows, gaming sessions, VIP event experiences with 2021 fulfillment dates, and jewelry and luxury goods. 

For organizations left with auction items with no place to be sold after cancelled events, we are here as a digital solution. We’ve already heard from a number of charities in this situation requesting our assistance, and we expect that to be just the tip of the iceberg. Charitybuzz is the most experienced, agile charity auction site ready to take those things digital, merchandise the inventory, and market to our community of thousands more generous, high-net-worth bidders than they’d usually find at most galas. Our customers are looking for these types of fun, memorable, valuable experiences and positive content at the moment, so we are grateful to be able to bring them these auction opportunities. 

We all have to do what we can right now. And honestly, no one knows what is best or right or smartest — we’re navigating through uncertain times with no playbook at hand. As companies and as individuals, we each have a choice as to how to react. At Charitybuzz, we’ve emphatically opted to act quickly and creatively to mitigate the impact for our business, and position ourselves to bounce back stronger than before.