I love marketing, but make no mistake, it’s a tough nut to crack. It’s like a toddler; it never sits still. For me that’s part of the thrill, it suits my nature because I’m always asking myself what’s next?

How can I be better? But is that you? Do you like change? In fact, do you drive change?

That’s more important because although the foundation of marketing has stood the test of time, customers expect bigger and better – your boss demands innovation and your ravenous sales team need feeding.

So before I even talk about the skills, expertise, and qualifications you need to thrive in marketing, it’s first important that you really question your metal, your grit, your determination – because if you think your annoying brother, best friend or arch enemy is competitive, just wait until you meet marketing – it wants to take you down and if you let it, it will.

Excited? or about to close the browser?

Hopefully, you’re thinking – let me at em! If so, read on.

Just as I’ve got you excited, I’m going to take it down a notch, because it’s unlikely that you’re ready to take on the might of marketing today, but the important thing is you can see what it might take and therefore begin to think about the gaps in your current Armour and in turn be able to loosely map out your journey to stardom.

I’m going to write some more tangible things for you to work on and consider – but for now, just think about your personal inner strength…are you always looking to improve?