Finding the hidden wisdom in every challenge

“Good luck and bad luck is all mixed up because we never know what will happen next.”

I learned this from a children’s book about 10 years ago, and it is oh so true….

I miss the ferry boat to the Hamptons and my schedule is thus a mess, but then I run into a beautiful old friend on the next boat. Amen.

My back goes out — but this gets me onto the yoga mat daily — which forces me to connect with the healing I need on much deeper levels. Amen.

We know nothing. All we can do is know that, and be present. Smile at the face across from us, and take it moment by moment. Sigh….

So the next time sh**t goes awry, think about the possibilities, the unknown, the method to the madness. Life is not meant to be in control, neat and clean, all the time. A good mess can bring us to some beautiful places.

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