Dimpled, bumpy skin is not a myth but a reality many women of all body types are faced with. Countless products and medical solutions are peddled to gullible consumers who want to get rid of cellulite for once and for all but they eventually resign to the fact that their flaws are here to stay. Others are told that injuries and ailments leave them stranded in a dead street with no hope of betterment, that their bodies are irretrievably broken and they must learn to live with the pain.

When my friend told me about fasciablasting® and how much she loved it and how quickly it had changed her life, I was intrigued yet skeptical. She added me to a Facebook group of fasciablasting® ladies and the occasional gents, and once I saw the testimonials and results I was hooked. I had to get my paws on this odd stick with claws attached. Could this truly be the smoking gun in the war on cellulite? Was the much desired “heart butt” attainable and general health improvement within arm’s reach?

I bit the bullet and ordered the book “The Cellulite Myth – It’s Not fat It’s Fascia” by healthcare revolution leader, fascia pioneer, inventor and best selling author Ashley Black and bought three of her devices, the mini, the regular blaster, the face blaster, and off on my journey I went.

My first admission was not even knowing what in the world fascia was and what job position it held on the inside of my body. It turns out, fascia, technically speaking connective tissue, is the glue that holds your body together, your organs from dropping, your muscles from sliding down your bones, and your nerves and blood vessels from free falling. It’s a sophisticated system of cells that looks like a sticky web-like substance and is literally located everywhere in your body. Yes, everywhere, and it’s all connected. To be precise, there are four types of fascia, structural, interstructural, visceral, and spinal. Ashley names them Bandage, Cotton Candy, Goopy and Straw to give us a visual. When fascia is healthy, it’s soft, pliable, and hydrated, but when it’s unhealthy, it tightens and sticks together, clamping down on anything in sight. When fascia is tight, it restricts blood flow, joint mobility, muscle access and even organ function.

According to Ashley, fasciablasting® can relieve physical pains, slow the aging process, improve nerve activity, change your bony structure, improve stretch marks, breakdown scar tissue, stimulate detoxification, and yes, make dreaded cellulite disappear among other benefits. Cellulite is fat popping through unhealthy fascia. Who knew?

If you’re anything like me you probably thought this is too good to be true. Another scam. Why have we not heard about fascia “issues” until now?

Before starting Ashley’s blasting protocols, you have to assess your naked body visually and by pinching yourself to find your problem areas. Yes, no one’s favorite part because no matter how fit or healthy you think you are, the blinders come off and the harsh light of realty hits you in the eye.

Off my clothes went, I inspected, I pinched, and was pretty shocked to find way more areas of concern than I thought I would. Now more than ever I was ready to begin my blasting process, heat up my body with a hot shower, sauna is ideal but I don’t own one, oil myself up like a Thanksgiving turkey, make sure I stay hydrated and get plenty of electrolytes, and start using the fascia tools.

I applied appropriate pressure, up and down, side to side, never in circles as that is a big no-no in the fascia world and worked the tool as fast as possible on areas I wanted to improve most.

What I found after a few treatments is, besides getting occasional bruises, that some of my pain I had been dealing with lessened, I slept better, I went through a brief detox, got relieve in my tight back, neck and shoulders, eased headaches and migraines, and ultimately saw a change in my fat deposits on my lower back and hips, a decrease of light cellulite on the back of my thighs, and tightening of skin on my belly. Anyone who has had a baby knows how annoying that leftover skin is and I have to admit the Fasciablaster® is the Hail Mary I have been waiting for. It really gets results. And when I heard it gets rid of unsightly bunions (thanks to jamming my feet into high heel designer stilettos for decades), you bet I started blasting my feet. And wait for it – after five sessions – my left one has decreased by half its size, the right one’s not budging as easily but you better believe I’m keeping up the good work.

With the various Fasciablasters®, Ashley’s book and youtube tutorials, anyone can achieve a positive impact on their health and appearance without paying thousands for medical procedures and empty promises written on the back of cream jars.

What’s great is you are in total charge of the process. You decide what, when, where, how deep, how fast, how long, so besides giving your arms a good workout by fasciablasting® this tool empowers you by not only giving you physical change, well being and energy but also an emotional and mental boost.

As with anything, the process of change takes time, sometimes gets worse before better, it requires dedication and some good ol’ arm grease on your part but change is inevitable. Get ready. For change is coming thanks to Ashley Black.