Do you ever catch yourself talking poorly about others as a way of connecting with a friend, family member or coworker? I think we all have….and more often than not, we don’t even notice it because it’s all around us and seems to have become a “normal” thing to do. This has happened to me on numerous occasions. I call it the Gossip Hangover; that not so nice feeling that comes over me when I notice that I have talked in an unfavorable way in an effort of making small talk with my friends.

Here’s the thing though….Speaking poorly about others does NOT bring us closer to one another. In fact it moves us farther away from one another. The next time you are in a situation where people are engaging in gossip, find a way to change the conversation. YOU have the power to do this. As human beings we crave connection and there are surely better and more enjoyable ways to bond with the people that we truly love. It’s so important that we seek healthy ways of creating the connection we crave each and every day.

When my gossip hangover had me literally feeling sick and disappointed in myself, I learned how to change the dialogue with my friends and find some really cool ways of spending our precious time together…..Ways that would fuel us all and make us leave one another in a more positive state.

Beware though, when you ditch the gossip game, some of your core people may disappear. Not everyone is in the same mindset as you. Hopefully, your friends will join you on your gossip cleanse and you can all grow and transform together in healthy and meaningful ways.

What are some healthy ways that you choose to bond and connect with your core group of people? How has dropping the gossip shifted your life? I would love to know!

Melody Pourmoradi has been coaching women for over a decade on how to create a vision for their best life. She thrives on sharing her message of self-empowerment and a wellness-centered living through her writing. As the creator of the GiRLiFE Empowerment, she has created a digital course that teaches women how to create income-generating girls empowerment groups in their own communities. Her greatest goal is for every young girl and women to find her own voice and live a life that lights her up from the inside-out. She has just released her first book “xoxo, from a girl who gets it: life notes for the young girl within.” Melody is married to the love of her life and together they are the proud parents of twin girls.
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  • Melody Gabay Pourmoradi

    Creator of the GiRLiFE Certification Program/Author/Life Coach

    GiRLiFE Empowerment

    Melody Pourmoradi is a twin girl mom, life/wellness coach and the creator of the GiRLiFE Certification Program; a digital training that gives women all the resources and education they need to create their own income-generating girls empowerment workshops. She believes that when girls are taught about nutrition of the mind and nutrition of the body with a strong emphasis on their own personal power, they become unstoppable. GiRLiFE is quickly becoming an important catalyst in the girls empowerment movement with hundreds of women globally sharing Melody’s curriculum. In her newest passion project, she wrote a book called “XOXO, from a girl who gets it: life notes for the young girl within”. It’s all about introducing girls to all of their unique superpowers  so that they can live a life filled with peace, health and inner freedom. Click here to join our movement or visit