Oh man, sometimes trying to figure out life feels near impossible. It’s so easy to get lost in the mind and lose sight of what feels real… what truly makes sense at a body-level.

Some people think of this as the battle between the head and the heart. I see it more as a fight between the head and the belly; specifically right below the belly at your 2nd chakra — where you energetically know what you want, what feels good, and that it’s OK to have it.

When things feel unclear, and you get yourself into this inner fight for answers, it’s all too easy for your mind to take charge. Your thoughts get going, setting you on a course of second guessing everything. Every fear gets run through your mind, every judgment you have — or what you expect from others — becomes a part of the fabric of how you process your options and possible outcomes.

The more you gauge decisions and outcomes against the mind’s wants, needs and fears, the more an external reference point builds in strength, that steers you away from simply knowing what you know. And in the process, you hand your power away and opt-in for someone else’s.

So how can you find clarity in all this chaos?

Stop thinking. Not indefinitely, but you’ve got to get out of your head and let go of the need for an answer.

Recognize that you are spinning your wheels. Instead, move your focus inward.

Take a few slow, deep breaths and shift your awareness into your core — right along your spine. Lean into that. Observe. Let your observing mind soften to the energy that you find there within your center. Breathe, observe and allow.

That’s it. Just be there. There’s nothing to fix, nothing to solve in this moment.

As you settle in, sense into that inner energy and “listen” in whatever way you listen at that level. Don’t go looking for answers, but allow whatever shows up in your awareness to be of use to you.

By letting go in this state of awareness, you may see, sense, feel or simply know something to be true.

Follow that impulse and let your inner wisdom tell you more.

What’s really going on?

“I don’t know” usually means you do, but you’re scared to own it.

What you aren’t so sure about is what will happen if you own what you’re thinking and what you desire — outside of anyone’s influence — and claim it aloud.

“I don’t know” is a level of protection, and the fear of dropping into your own inner wisdom, and claiming that, turns into what feels like a lack of clarity.

But deep down, you are clear.

The “push back” you either received (or feared receiving) around your wisdom, vision and underlying personal power may have you in hiding.

We’ll, olly, olly oxen free.

Take some time and let go of your search for clarity. Let go of the need to find your answer outside of yourself. Realize that you have an answer… it’s within you.

You just might not feel OK choosing that.

So work there if you need to. Take some time and get some help to work through what’s keeping you from your own personal power and the safety of knowing what you know and living that.

Clarity? It’s there. You’ll find it in your belly… in your body. It’s aways there. It’s a matter of getting out of your head, and into what you know you know.

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Originally published at medium.com