I purposefully stepped back from work in December to give myself time off and now I am finding it hard to just relax. Somehow I find guilt sitting right next to me.

Want to climb aboard my guilt train for a moment? ? I feel guilty for

  • Believing in the busyness trap
  • Being perceived as lazy
  • Not doing anything of value
  • Desiring space
  • Questioning my worthiness 

You see, guilt is an emotion – one of the “sad” emotions, which also include agony, grief, and loneliness, according to one comprehensive framework (Fischer, Shaver, & Carnochan, 1990).

But here’s the paradox of it all. I desired time off. To slow down so I can speed up in 2020. So why then, do I have it? Why does a sad emotion creep in when things slow down?

Because we are conditioned to feel like we are not enough. All of the reasons stated above are the way we live in our society – do more, be more, create more, show value, be everything to everyone at all times. I call BS on that.

I get to choose how I want to think and feel and so can you.

With the power of choice, we can completely reframe the experience we have with our thoughts, emotions and then have direct effect on our behaviors and frankly, our life experience.

If you are finding yourself on a guilt train this holiday season, why not change that word and climb aboard the gift train? Here’s what this train looks like.

The Holiday Gift Train??

  • Slowing down gifts you time to think before speeding up
  • Resting and recharging gifts mental and physical healing
  • Being not doing gifts you the freedom to just be
  • Space to wonder gifts you new creative opportunities
  • Honoring worthiness gifts you positive self talk

One word change. A big perspective change. 

Got guilt? Make it a gift I say! 

What’s your experience with guilt during the end of year? Take a moment to check in with your thoughts and emotions and if you find you need a reframe, I hope this helps!