How to get better sleep and relaxation

I am often working up against some kind of tight deadline, trying to complete a bunch of tasks during a limited window. If you are anything like me, you likely function the same way as well. The truth is that the majority of us are in flight or fight mode moving at warp speed to attend to all of the different areas of our lives. This can leave us feeling overwhelmed, tired, and understaffed.

The good news, though, is that once we check large items off of our to-do list, we have some time to kick back and take a little rest (and we should). It’s important to devote just as much time to relaxing as we do to working.

Here’s why:

  • Getting enough sleep improves our overall health allowing our bodies to function better.
  • Resting after busy periods reduces our stress and boosts our mental wellbeing.
  • Relaxation improves our cognitive ability and decision making skills.
  • Giving ourselves a break enables us to come back to all of our tasks performing at a higher level.
  • We look and feel better.
  • Our productivity increases after a bit of downtime.
  • It helps us recharge.
  • We become more creative and innovative after taking a step back.

So, why not reap all the benefits? Here are a few ways that you can relax and do so:

  • Nothing beats taking a nap or going to sleep early. Those extra hours of sleep really do wonders for you.
  • Spending the day away from your phone and computer.
  • Chilling out with a book or watching a movie.
  • Going on a short outing or taking a walk or run.
  • Embarking on a short trip.
  • Writing or journaling.
  • Calling a friend.
  • Going to the spa or beauty salon.
  • Just doing nothing at all.

As you can see, relaxing after a busy period is needed and has many benefits (and there are many ways to do so). As such, you should indulge in a short break when and wherever you can!