As April is National Poetry Month, I confess that I love to write poetry.  It is a hobby of mine.  I especially like to write poetry capturing “motherhood” as the topic is chockful of opportunity, all quite relatable especially by the many moms who will be celebrating Mother’s Day this Sunday. 

Yes, that’s your friendly reminder, everyone, so make sure to buy a gift, send flowers, or make reservations.  Your mom deserves it and as she won’t always be around to celebrate in such a way, “Do it while you can.”    

In honor of all you, Moms, I decided to share a poem I thought you would really enjoy, the kind you would see yourself in, then shake you head.  Drink it up and if you crave coffee afterwards, I take full responsibility!

Drink Your Coffee From A Mug, Mom! 

Every waking moment, 

Produces yet another; 

Of busy-ness and bustle, 

For every caring mother. 

She stops for not a second. 

Her coffee, she gives up. 

Or chooses twice the power, 

Served in a paper cup. 

She runs from morn to evening, 

Each step checked off her list. 

Keeping to the schedule. 

So nothing would be missed. 

Then weary, she collapses, 

The Cafe down the street; 

Her latte in a mug, for once, 

She welcomes such a treat. 

Until she sighs, then rises, 

More work around the bend; 

Her needs behind her family, 

A set of chores to tend. 

So off she goes in hurry, 

Near racing out the door; 

No longer feeling frazzled; 

Since mug and joe did lure.