When I thought of how to build a soul force into the grandmothers – those strengths or qualities that empower compassionate action – I focused on what essential value needed to be represented. The decision was ultimately simple; she needed a heart for all children. So, literally, that’s what is at her core.

The rightful place for children is to be close at heart, and first in thought. When choices are made from the perspective of “what is best for the children,” seemingly difficult decisions become increasingly clear. Integrity is the outcome of such a way of being as values are reflected in action.

A decision made with children in mind, is naturally one “for the next seven generations”. This type of decision-making is one commonly practiced by indigenous people and follows ancient wisdom. It considers the consequences of actions. The principle of the “next seven generations” ensures a natural sustainability; honoring the past while protecting the future–creating a community which transcends time.

Inspiring compassionate action; reinforcing a child’s rightful place; working together for a sustainable future; building a soul force; these are values which resonate across cultures – they are the actions which can draw us closer to each other, just like the children pictured at the heart of the grandmothers.

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What is integrity?

Please describe a decision that truly put children first.

What does compassion feel like?

When asylum-seeking parents and children were separated and put in detention centers; compassionate, creative action was needed & Grandmother Healing Dolls was born. Follow the journey of their creation and the 3000 mile trip to three detention centers, courthouses, and more on this Thrive Global Nonviolence Series.