Many of Mary Oliver’s words have resonated with me from the first time I was exposed to them. This line, in particular, holds deep meaning. “Maybe the desire to make something beautiful is the piece of God that is inside each of us”.

I had not thought of the grandmothers as beautiful or even as “art” until a friend defined them as such. She pointed out that dolls are one of the earliest forms of artistic expression, and that the grandmothers were, in fact, fabric sculptures. Her words, and Mary Oliver’s quote, explained why I was so driven in the process—creativity is a sacred act of connection.

Art heals. It touches at a place of deep knowing and changes our consciousness. It is a force more powerful than the culture of cruelty. The children deserve this wholeness.

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What does “sacred” mean?

How have you seen art used in places of worship?

What type of art has caused your heart to swell? (i.e. music, painting, dance, literature) Please share the experience.

When asylum-seeking parents and children were separated and put in detention centers; compassionate, creative action was needed & Grandmother Healing Dolls was born. Follow the journey of their creation and the 3000 mile trip to three detention centers, courthouses, and more on this Thrive Global Nonviolence Series.