Although I couldn’t do anything about the Latino Festival’s cancellation, I could make sure the grandmothers were still blessed with the energy and good wishes of the local Latino people. So, over the next few days, I made several trips to parks where children and families were playing, to the original Latinas who advised me, and to a church.

Were my efforts and representation of a heritage acceptable? I needed to know before I started the journey to the detention centers. I listened and watched the interactions between people and the grandmothers.

Being seen and heard heals; this truth was confirmed repeatedly as people met and connected with the grandmothers. One woman even went back into her office to get another woman who had been especially hurt by recent hateful comments and actions. When she saw her ancestral grandmother’s representation, she cried softly.

Ideally, the grandmothers were meant to be a tool for therapists to use, but even without that skill set, people could feel the innate healing they offered unconditionally. I was able to witness many sacred moments during the grandmothers’ field-testing. Out of respect, I never asked what personal experience they consoled.

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