When teaching meditation to young children, I simply say, “Please close your eyes, and listen with your heart”. Most of the time, they automatically place their hand on their chest in an intuitive, multi-sensory way to listen. It’s amazing to watch the serene expression and posture that comes with such a simple act.

It was important to me that the grandmother’s heart actually had something to say. So, deep within the fibers that make up the grandmothers, is an over-sized heart. It will never be seen, but to me it matters. The grandmother’s heart is not simply “heart-felt” sentiment, it actually exists.

Her heart “beats” with symbolism:

  • The size represents a generosity of spirit.
  • The color is soothing and signifies feminine intuitive energy, protection and caring, unconditional love, and awakens feelings trust and safety.
  • The seams were not closed off; modeling an open-hearted way to encounter the world.
  • The choice of fabric was one which is soft; to symbolize the importance of being tender-hearted with self and others.  

“Written on her heart,” became much more than a saying, it became a fervent hope in how the children could connect with the beautiful wisdom of the heart. The actual words were very difficult to choose. What words could possibly create a soul force that would help children I would never meet heal their body, mind, and spirit?

Clarity came when I suddenly remembered the profound words first written by a child in sidewalk chalk–No One Can Destroy Peace and Love (surrounded with the child’s drawing of hearts and peace signs). Persistence and truth scrawled on a sidewalk by a tiny sage, that’s the message of the grandmother’s heart.

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When asylum-seeking parents and children were separated and put in detention centers; compassionate, creative action was needed & Grandmother Healing Dolls was born. Follow the journey of their creation and the 3000 mile trip to three detention centers, courthouses, and more on this Thrive Global series.