This goes deep! Qigong has been a part of my own personal practice for nearly 20 years. Like a reliable friend…it has always been there to guide me.
I have had thee great pleasure of turning that outward and sharing it as part of my practice with my personal clients. I wanted to share it with you too. If you are already familiar, awesome!! If not, feel free to lean in and explore. And ask questions!! I am here to support you!

Understand and take command of your QI

• Qi is quite simply your life force.
• Think of it as your invisible circulatory system.
• It circulates energy much like blood and fluids flow through your body.
• You can awaken, stimulate and use Qi.
• It is under your control.
• You want it to grow and strengthen in order to give your life radiance, longevity and clarity.
• Analogy: Your physiology gets an upgrade to -HD-.
• Qi can be accessed from the very air we breathe; from all life.
• Qi is the energy of intention. To harness it is to accomplish what we set out to.
• Qi flows through meridians which divide the body into sections according to 12 major organs.
• The central meridian is of most relevance with regard to exercise as this is our center of gravity. (right below the navel)

Check out this easy Qigong exercise session and follow along in flow and fun xo!

SYKED for your FREEDOM!!

Qigong Warmup – 1 round

Qigong Energy Practice – 1 round