Currently, the world is caught up in a time and condition where we can’t live life the way we got used to. The pandemic outbreak has as if clipped our wings and have taken away from us our freedom. Hence, most people are constantly reminiscing about the life they used to lead. And by doing this, they are mostly feeling sad because they aren’t able to live the same way. It is impacting their mental health to a huge extent. And it’s here that we need to add in the habit of gratitude to boost our mental health.

The therapeutic benefits of gratitude on the mind and life according to John Giorgi

Gratitude is often the most overlooked tool that we can access in our daily life! Practicing gratitude will not take up much time and will neither cost you money. However, according to modern-day research, the benefits of gratitude on mental health are immense, especially during the pandemic phase.

  1. Gratitude enhances physical health

People who practice gratitude experience lesser pains and aches. According to a study published in Personality and Individual Differences, people who practice gratitude report that they feel healthier than other individuals. Also, grateful people always tend to take good care of their physical health says John Giorgi.They are the ones who exercise more and also go for daily check-ups and hence lead a long and healthy life. And if you are physically fit, it results in mental happiness.

  • Gratitude can enhance mental health

Robert A. Emmons, Ph. D is a well-known gratitude researcher who conducted several studies on the connection between well-being and gratitude. It’s observed that gratitude helps bring down a vast number of toxic emotions, ranging from frustration, envy, regret, and resentment. In recent times, people are constantly feeling these emotions because of the pandemic outbreak and the life we have to lead because of this. According to his research, gratitude has helped in curbing depression and has also increased happiness.

  • Gratitude helps people to feel positive within

Currently, the challenge that most people are facing is to feel positive within. The pandemic outbreak has made most people feel negative emotions like fear and anxiety. They think that life will not get any better. Gratitude can help to alter this emotion and assist a person to feel positive from within. When you count your blessings and fill in your gratitude journal, you can shift your attitude towards things that bring your happiness in life. And a daily practice will help you to feel more positive and mentally strong.

  • Gratitude helps you to sleep better

People have been reporting disturbed sleeping patterns during the pandemic phase. According to a study published in “Applied Psychology: Health and Well-being” in 2011, it has been mentioned that grateful people usually sleep better. Writing your gratitude journal daily can help you to enhance your sleep according to John Giorgi. You can spend just fifteen minutes daily writing down your grateful sentiments before you go to sleep, which will help you sleep better.

Hence, it’s the best time for people to practice gratitude and balance their mental health during the pandemic.