The other morning my cell phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number but it was listed with a local area code so I picked it up.

“Hello” “Hi, this is Amanda from DCF returning your call” “Amanda from where?” “DCF” “What’s DCF?” “is this Megan?” “nope, I think you’ve dialed the wrong number.” “Oh I see, I dialed a 1 at the end instead of a 2”

“no problem, you have yourself a good day”

Then I sat and pondered…DCF, Department of Children and Family (Services), most notable for assistance with child abuse cases. And then I thought to myself, what are the odds that only one digit higher at the end of my cell phone number is a Megan (pretty close to Meg no?) who appears to be having a bit of trouble.

And then I thought, “why did Spirit deliver Amanda right to my phone?” And “why did I pick up an unrecognized number when I never, ever do that?”

Life can be mysterious at times but energy, well, energy never lies.

What if Amanda just needed a bit of a course correction.

What if just a brief interlude with a stranger allowed her awareness to see that sometimes what appears to be straightforward could be a small mistake that is just one frequency off and readily correctable?

And then I thought, hmm, so if my phone number was different by one digit, I could be Megan living a completely different reality. How simply deliciously fascinating….

Imagine, who might be living just one frequency apart from you and what their reality looks like?

I sent love to both Amanda and Megan, hoping their interaction would be wrapped up in compassion, safety, truth and good communication. Then I couldn’t help but ponder my own reality and how much gratitude I feel for all the blessings I have and continue to receive.

And then it hit me…like a rush from the best raw truffle buzz.

Gratitude is a Lifeline.

More than just a word or a mere concept, Gratitude is a Lifeline now.

With a world around us that appears to be spinning off its axis, gratitude is the glue that connects us to Spirit and to each other’s Hearts and Souls.

Even a wrong number can result in a frequency course correction.

Those of us who are aware of our own Light need to become increasingly aware of the path we walk upon and that all players who show up on our path have meaning and purpose.

Soul meaning

Soul purpose

A business teacher of mine once asked us “what would you do if you were the best in the world at what you do?”

I believe that translates into spiritual terms as well.

“Who would you be if you were completely aware of Spirit in every encounter that you had?

How would you behave differently?

Wouldn’t the top of the “feeling” list be Grateful?

And what about Trust?

A little later that day I ran an errand at Costco (a giant warehouse of groceries and household supplies at discount pricing) and as it turned out, this was half the cities plan for that day as well.

As I walked the long rows pondering how just one frequency adjustment could produce a completely different reality, the song “Walking on Sunshine” started to blast through the speakers and I became like a teenager who just couldn’t sit still in her body.

I was soooo tempted to stand on the lower rack of the carriage and totally swan dive through the lane, but there were too many people in front of me, so I wouldn’t get far. Instead I smiled at every person who would look at me and I danced around to one of the best upbeat songs out there.

Ok, sure, I got a ton of “what a whacko” glances, but then….then it happened.

It caught on, I was airborne, contagious and spreading. People started smiling back, and moving around to the beat…

As we moved our way through the store, more people started smiling and dancing in line to checkout.


Life is such a gift, even in the madness, when we are conscious.

We each have to learn to Let. It. Go.

All the pain…

All the media buzz…

All the fear mongering…

All the worry for friends, lovers, co-workers, children, animals and Mother Earth.

That fear only feeds the collective…and the monsters

We don’t believe in monsters anymore remember?

We believe that we are conscious beings who can create positive shifts in the world by minding our energy fields and our thoughts and feelings.

So what’s the work?


Restructure your life to feed the Universe instead of reacting to it.

Turn off the news.

Turn off technology after dinner and for the night.

Do something nice for a complete stranger, and never mind their response, do it just to do it.

Walk on Sunshine.

Do some Body Reflexology or better yet, book a professional session.

When I sit at night, deciding whether I want to watch something inspiring, read something inspiring or just be quiet and meditate, I have started to rub my hands and feet on pressure points that release tension and fill me up with good vibes (Feel the Vibration- insert Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch tune)

This book is one of my favorites, filled with helpful diagrams and a plethora of science and anatomy information.

I recently heard about a new pay it forward game that started using movie rental sleeves. I jumped on that happy train and rode it like a pro. You just rent a movie from Redbox, and when you return it, slip a note and some money inside, so the next person that rents it receives an anonymous dose of love and kindness.

Here’s mine.

I know the world seems insane right now but it’s why you came. Your Soul knows, so make some new habits that bind you tighter to your Soul and your Light and free you from the entanglements of fear, human drama and chaos.

You always have choice

Choose you

Choose your She Wisdom™

Swan Dive in warehouses

Be a Love Ninja

Let what you don’t want to feed go from your sphere of reality

Witness then counterbalance with a Lovebomb.

When you hear bad news, stop, pause, connect to your center and wait for your Soul response.

Sometimes there are no words, but there is compassion, eye contact, heart connection and a willingness to just say “how can I help,” or “I witness you. I am here, I see you and I will hold the highest frequency of Light for you. You are not alone.”

You are always choosing in every second.

Choose to feed the Light

And choose to rest, even superheroes rest….

Exhaustion is rampant right now as we run all this chaos through our energy fields. Choose to nurture your body, slow down and taste your food, drink water (with lemon, lime, berries, make it fun) and take hot baths.

Get those essential oils out and keep ’em close. They work.

Then put a few drops of lavender (my personal fave) in your bath and hop in.

Press play on that meditation you love and close your eyes and go deep.

Activate your She Wisdom™ is perfect for deeply connecting with yourself (and it’s free, and sent with love.)

Make time for yourself every day.

Most She Superheroes I know take care of everyone else and leave no time left for themselves but to crawl into bed at night. No more sister…exhaustion serves no one, least of all you.

I’m taking a hot bath every single day now. It’s my golden time out to hydrate, meditate, radiate and exfoliate. ?

It’s so important to scrub the crazy off you, and really connect to your Soul and recognize your natural state of being and your personal frequency range.

I’ve decided to limit my media intake (read: no more mindless tv to pass the time) and that allotted time is going to writing my next two books.

There are two happening at the same time. (What the…?!) I have no idea how that’s going to go, but it’s inspired and when my team is inspired and my body feels good and rested, I’m all in.

That’s the stuff I signed up for.






Take your molecules back sisters, wherever you’ve left them up until now, get in that tub and call them all back, then clean them off and realign.

You are a Love Warrior

And this stuff is getting real….

So choose not to feed the pain, or feel afraid, instead be a Love Ninja every single chance you get.

First you then the world.

Always in that order.

No one controls the Universe, and they don’t control your personal Universe.

Outside the box, 6 impossible things before breakfast…remember?

To your love Ninja-ness,

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