A few days ago, I was lying in the bed and I was thinking about a lot of things.

And one of these things was also what should I do to be at least happy. Of course besides work hard, stay productive and be rich… (that was a sarcasm).

What is the definition of being happy anyway? Do somebody know the answer? Probably every answer would be different because we are all individuals — different. But in my opinion, one of those things (that make us happy) should be gratitude.

When you love what you have, you have everything you need.

When I was lying in that bed thinking about my happiness, I was also crying because I realised (after so many years) how important is to be grateful for what I have. And that without gratitude we don’t live.

We are so busy by chasing after things that we don’t even need that we forget on those we love and “things” we already have (love, smile or ourselves).

There must be a reason why our parents teach us to say “thank you” and “please”. “Thanks” has an incredible power to change everything–even how you see the world or your life.

From that night, I am grateful for every morning I wake up healthy with a new opportunity to start again.

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