It is difficult not to panic during stressful situations and with so much uncertainty, as now with the coronavirus (COVID-19). Although it seems contradictory to show gratitude, it is scientifically proven that doing so brings social, physical, and psychological benefits.

So, let us avoid being negative and focus on what we can contribute positively to the world. Read further to get some ideas on how you can start to be more appreciative.

The positive effects of practicing gratitude:

  • Brings us happiness
  • Increase our optimism
  • Reduces anxiety and depression
  • Reduces tension
  • It helps us sleep better
  • Makes our relationships stronger

Starting a gratitude journal might seem like a simple thing, but it is easy to give up when you see a near-blank page with 6 items on it. This may make you think, “How am I grateful for so little?” Instead of thinking about what you are grateful for right now, try thinking about the things that have brought you joy in the past and bring you joy in the present. Try to think of:

  • …has made me smile
  • I laughed when …
  • A funny story was when …
  • I really want to …
  • I was very happy to …
  • it went right …

Set your goal to acknowledge one or two things that you are grateful for every day and soon you will have a list of things to ponder that will bring you happiness. Appreciate everything in an appliance repair job, considering what you have, and do not forget that you can be grateful for all the challenges that you have overcome and that have made you stronger.

Connect with others

Think of a special guest and write them a thank you letter. Maybe a guest who has been repeating the last five years and wants to thank you for supporting your business, or maybe a guest brought you a gift so you could take a picture with the item and send it to them with a note thanking you for this. offers happiness in difficult times. Now is the perfect time to let your guests know how they have impacted your life.

Do your part in this world

Simple as they seem, these tips, if practiced consistently, consciously, and genuinely, will begin to transform your life. Volunteering your time and/or money may seem like it only gives benefits to those who receive it, but it is not true, you also get something in return.

Studies have shown that helping others increases our own well-being.