Practicing gratitude has only a single benefit: it makes your brain positive.

No big deal, right?

Well, it appears that:

“When the brain is positive, every possible outcome we know how to test for rises dramatically.” – Shawn Achor

And suddenly, practicing gratitude becomes a holy grail of human life.

Every possible outcome rises. It rises dramatically. It’s not some small improvement.

Thus, we can list the benefits of gratitude ad infinitum:

Better sales
Better salary
Higher chances for promotion
More relationships
More friendships
Deeper friendships
Better education
Higher grades
More savings
More money
Higher respect among peers
Increased integrity
Greater pain resistance
More sex
Better sex
Better family
Better health
Better sleep
Stronger body
Better fitness performance
Lower blood pressure
Better immune system
Bigger flexibility
Greater creativity
More ideas
Increased grit
Better cognitive performance
Better spiritual life
Higher resilience
Deeper mindfulness
Better employees
More clients
Better clients
Less complaints
Higher retention rates

Imagine anything you wish to be better in your life, and it can be positively affected by practicing gratitude.

Every Means Every

Scientists didn’t find a single outcome that was worse when the brain was positive.

Probably, things that are hardly measurable nowadays, like moods, happiness levels, attitude or faith are better as well.

Simply put, you cannot enumerate all the benefits of practicing gratitude.

Practicing Gratitude Is a Silver Bullet

Having a positive brain not only increases everything and makes it better. It significantly increases everything.

It’s not a small win. They are dozens of small wins that compound into a higher quality of life in every area: health, career, relationships, finance, education and spirituality.

You fix all your problems with one move.

Of course, it’s a process. If you start practicing gratitude today, it doesn’t mean your life will be perfect tomorrow. It will just be better and better with each day.

My Story

I decided to change my life in September 2012. A couple of weeks after that decision, I started practicing gratitude on a daily basis.

Gratitude entries in my journal

Four years later, everything in my life is better. I have more friends, more money, better job, bigger responsibilities, more possessions, shorter commute, better health, more optimal bodyweight, more and better habits, more income streams and fewer monthly bills.

Like Shawn Achor stated, everything in my life rose dramatically.

Stronger than Death

I really realized the power of gratitude when my friend lost her boyfriend in a car accident. One day she had her loved one in her life, the next day he was gone.

But when he died, she had been practicing gratitude for over two years.

She kept her gratitude journal despite the tragedy. It helped her to survive and keep her composure. It helped her to mourn in a healthy way.

Today, about two years after the accident, she still diligently keeps her gratitude journal. She also is in a new relationship.

I preach the power of gratitude over and over again. And people still don’t practice it.

From my family, only my daughter keeps a gratitude journal. One son made a feeble attempt. My other son and wife quit practicing gratitude after several days.

Don’t be a person who learns about the benefits of gratitude.

Be a person who practices gratitude and reaps its benefits.