Just Say Yes!

Let’s get clear about something: this shit can be hard. This life. This healing. This recovery from addictions and broken relationships. We need each other. And we need tools to keep ourselves upright and heading in a positive direction.

Let’s Affirm Each Other

I want to affirm you right now. Your recovery is happening. Each step in the right direction is a step away from things that are toxic (relationships, drugs, obsessions, ruminations). If we affirm each other, and those in our circles, we’re doing our part to build up the GOOD in the universe. It’s way too easy to share shitty memes, and shitty thoughts, and sarcastic comments, and the worst: cynical vibes. Cynicism is the end of humor and hope.

A practice (tool) that has worked for me for years is writing down 5 affirmations each morning as I’m getting started with my day. Here are my five gratefuls for this morning, Oct. 26, 2021.

  1. I am healthy in spirit, mind, and body.
  2. My children are thriving, despite a less-than-cooperative divorced mom.
  3. Prospects for my creative drives are high.
  4. love my job, and I’m getting it done with joy and competence.
  5. My mom’s spirit continues to celebrate my good fortune with me. I feel her close at this very moment.

Here’s What’s Happening

We are telling the universe (god) that things are good in our lives. We are calling in more of the good. By focusing on the positive we are building more momentum behind these types of gratitude. We are leaving behind the negative vibes that permeate so much of today’s world.

We need to give up our addictions to trauma and drama. Here are a few of my lessons:

  1. Kill your TV.
  2. Really kill your news addiction.
  3. Really, really kill your celebration of celebrities. (They are not the heroes and aspirational leaders we are seeking.)
  4. Build a real-life community. Invite people over for a potluck. Do it again and again. Cultivate a JOY TRIBE. Together we can do so much more than isolation and suffering.
  5. Always be kind. Always help. Always celebrate the people around you (waiters, busboys, gas station attendants, the man on the street).
  6. Celebrate your good fortune by sharing your joy and your pennies.
  7. Give everything you have the first time around. There is no dress rehearsal. This is all there is.
  8. Meditate on the present moment, but DON’T FORGET the lessons of the past or the goals of your aspirational futures.

Everyday Is a Restart, Reset, Rebuilding Opportunity

Don’t wait. Don’t imagine that the next job, the next romantic partner, the next creative breakthrough is going to give you WHAT YOU NEED.

What you need is right here and right now. This moment is all there is. Don’t waste a single cycle on negative people, negative projects, negative habits, negative addictions.

Get on the YES Train

Say YES to all the things that give you joy. Invitations, even when you are not feeling all that great, say YES.

And learn to say NO to the things you want less of in your life. NO is nearly as powerful as YES. Learn to use it.

When you say YES to the universe, the universe responds. When you tune your life into what’s good and fair, the universe responds with more good and fair. When you live your life in the YES lane you will find more YES in your life.

Let’s do this together.

Just say, “YES!”


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