Being grateful for a new awakening is synonymous with new opportunities to consider new learning to put them at the service of others.

Feeling grateful links, us more with the other unites us with a world where we are all connected, for which generosity becomes a blessing for those who do it as well as for those who receive it.

Gratitude is the manifestation of love in its pure state, before the veil of complaint, lethargy, and nonconformity that every day becomes more popular to believe that everything is detrimental.

So much to be grateful for that it is not necessary for us to go through difficult situations and then give thanks or value to the different workers and also to the locksmith who helps us a lot to make our home and office security better by using his skills.

Perhaps stopping to observe our own body the functions that each organ performs, each part of our body is vital is the reason for gratitude. And if we continue to observe our surroundings and those close to us, we realize that there are many more reasons to give thanks.

Expressing gratitude for the miracles that occur in your day to day is one more reason to make every moment of your life special.

It is magical when we thank and see the goodness around us, we become a magnet that attracts people and situations that give us more reasons for which we can continue to thank.

Sitting down to think about what to thank or why to thank is as simple as saying “for everything” and for each person that I have met throughout my life. Of course, there is a crazy desire to repeat with some and others trying to make learning this.

When thinking about why thank me, the question is urgent, can everything be explained?

Can you explain what I feel, can it be explained in words when you think about the past life, the moments lived, the discomforts, the disagreements, the opportunities taken, the love that inspires, not only towards the family, children, people, situations, in achievement, in the magic of life ?; Can you thank everything? The truth is that I am so grateful and my heart swells with emotion when I say thank you for a life lived.

Life with its many nuances gives us, second by second, the great scoop of being bearers of good news through our words, loving body language, and our most compassionate actions, recognizing that we are wonderful, valuable beings with much to learn from each other.

We are not alone; we need each other so that together we can continue to build healthy environments from gratitude.

Instead of blaming each other, let us accept that changes begin within us and that no matter how many times we fall, the important thing is to get up, continue and realize that people are also in this same learning process.

Perhaps it is not necessary to go through episodes of pain to be grateful, but if they have knocked on the door of our lives, either because we have caused them to others or they have caused us, give thanks for the opportunity to learn from them and be able to understand better to others.

There will always be something for which the word THANKS will be named with such force that it will resonate within us like a radiant ray of light radiating this vibration of love in every cell of our body.