If you google “Perfect Posture” you will find an endless amount of articles telling you how to sit, stand and even go to the bathroom (thanks to the good people at Squatty Potty).

Keep your feet here, your spine at this angle and do not forget about your pelvis. I write about the stuff and can honestly not remember the last time I thought about my pelvis.

Honestly it is a little overwhelming. Luckily we have all demonstrated “perfect posture” in the past. We just have to remember those moments.


Growing up I played a lot of sports. After a few years I did not need to see where the ball was going. I could feel it. Before looking up I knew the ball was in the net, the pass was on target or the pins where knocked down.

You know that feeling right? When you “Find the sweet spot”, “Are in the zone” or “Find your flow.”

If you are not into sports think about leaving the boardroom after crushing a presentation or the “walk-away” from a girl or guy who just said “yes” or walking off the stage after giving the performance of your lifetime.

Close your eyes and try and re-live a moment like this that you have personally experienced. Look back through old pictures or videos of great days to get inspiration.

How do you think you walked off the court, out of the office or away from the date?

How do you think you were breathing?

How slowly was the world moving around you in that moment?

And of course: how was your posture?

Powerful, confident, in control?

Your body says it all.

This is the posture you are looking for.

Your “Posture Zone” is just a great memory away.

Remember this quick 10-step process to get into “The Perfect Posture Zone”

    1. Close your eyes and relax your body
    2. Take some deep breathes
    3. Think back to your “Happy Place” (great game, great day at work, great date, great anything)
    4. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground
    5. Slowly straighten your spine
    6. Raise your head until it is perpendicular with your neck (más o menos)
    7. Hold it
    8. Take a deep breathe and open your eyes
    9. Take note of your body and make any needed adjustments so that you have strong, confident posture. (You will see it and more importantly feel it)
    10. Close your eyes again and memorise this feeling.

Now that you have this new power……………use it.

Bottle up this new found confidence and learn to unleash it on command.

Do it prior to big meetings, games or dates.

Much of life is outside of our control, but how we respond isn’t. So let your body do the talking for you and wherever you go lead with strong posture and a smile – the effects are real.


Originally published at corporewear.us