Côte d’Azur Webfest Founder Clinton H. Wallace made the official announcement that Greek Actress Kyriaki Chonacas will be head juror at the 2021 Côte d’Azur Webfest Virtual Edition where she will also premiere her directorial debut web series “Couples Therapy”  during this year’s virtual event “we are so happy to have Katie among this year’s roster of talented female directors” said, Wallace.

Greek Actress Kyriaki Elizabeth Chonacas (aka Katie Chonacas)

“I am so pleased to be a part of this year’s event and to announce such a high caliber group of talented filmmakers and this amazing roster of web series and short films,” said Chonacas

Here’s this year’s list of official selections:

  1. GOOD MONSTERS; The Series – Directors – Johannes Muhr , Julia Zimth (Germany)
  2. Couples Therapy: Director – Katie Chonacas (United States)
  3. Symptoms– Directors- Marjorie Gerardi, Hugo Prata (Brazil)
  4. Sheila de Charme – How to be a successful actress? Director – Sergio Spina (Brazil)
  5. Tiny Garden Directors-Kenneth Cheong, Victor Manggunio (Singapore) 
  6. Psychotic & Insecure – Director- Iñaki Goldaracena (Chile) 
  7. DOMINOS 2 Director – Zoé Pelchat Ouellet (Canada) 
  8. 300 Year-Old Class of 2020 – Director – Park Inhan (South Korea)
  9. The Assassin’s Apprentice Director-Russ Emanuel (United States)
  10. Father Me Director-Sheri Pedigo (United States) 
  11. Routine Director – Russ Emanuel (United States)
  12. ON/OFF Director – Nicolas P. Villarreal (Argentina)
  13. The Artist’s Way Out Directors- Jeananne Goossen, Robert Jackson (Canada) 
  14. Freed Climb Director – Benoit REGORD (France) 
  15. 2 Guys 30 Days Director – Marc Desaulniers (Canada) 
  16. Ex First Lady Director- Natalia Montecinos (United States) 
  17. Check, Please! Director – Éléa Clair (United States) 
  18. Detention Adventure Director – Joe Kicak (Canada) 
  19. Love, Guns & Level Ups Directors – Andrew Shanks, Nicholas Cleary (Australia)
  20. Deluxe Motion Director – Mathieu Handfield (Canada)
  21. Avocado Toast The Series Director- Sam Coyle (Canada) 
  22. Wharf Rats Director- Jason Arsenault (Canada) 
  23. The Deft Director- E.N. Reynolds (Canada) 
  24. The Gliwensbourg Chronicles Director – Émilie Tommasi (France) 

Lydia Cornell Named 2021 Cote D’Azur Web Fest TV Icon Award Winner – check out the full article on Broadway World by Alexa Criscitiello

The Sophisticated Psychos receiving Zoom calls from their wacky therapists. The improv comedy series highlights them seeking expert help to gain a healthier perspective. This web series gives comedy a fresh and honest way to look at a relationship that feels oddly relatable in its intensity and vulnerability and is based on real-life experiences. The show captured comedy lovers’ hearts with the therapists’ confusing advice, combined with the authentic reactions of the co-hosts.

Couples Therapy is a family-friendly improv comedy web series featuring the “power couple” and a relationship therapist played by Alessandra Levy. The Sophisticated Psychos sought to make the series a useful tool for couples living and working together during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Couples Therapy is produced by The Sophisticated Psychos – Music and Editing by Nicky Scorpio

Watch the full season of “Couples Therapy” playlist.

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Stay Inspired – Keep Creating even during a pandemic 🙂 xo Kyriaki Chonacas


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