On this planet, human blood appears red when oxygenated and green prior to the molecular bombardment by oxygen. Thus our veins, close to the surface of the skin, appear greenish and blood at the scene of an accident appear red. Most of our references to blood are red, which brings me to a quagmire — A Red-Blooded American must be one covered in blood, as the blood in our veins is green.

I want my green-blood to stay in my body, flowing through my body to meet my lungs, where it will receive oxygen and leave as red-blood on my arterial pathways to transport O2 to my needy cells.

I want to Scream-Green, as I want to celebrate and give thanks for the blessing to open my eyes on another day…I want to Scream-Green to acknowledge the gifts of friendship…I want to Scream-Green for the wisdom of self appreciation and self-love…I want to Scream-Green for the arrival of Spring…I want to Scream-Green for this currency of life.

Iceland Photo: Stephane Vetter

Green also is the backdrop and common reference to currency…paper money…legal tender…Now we’ve(sic) blended other colors, like purple onto our currency, but still it’s paper and paper can burn.

We used to trade livestock and crops, as legal tender, which seems to have been replaced by paper money — paper not only can burn, it’s value is releative to your judgement.

As a member of the Green Tribe, who have learned to breathe under water, I claim this day Green, which overpowers the ice crunching under my shoes…

…My Green-Scream is that I am not alone.

Originally published at medium.com